🌎 How to translate the game

The Iranian flag is up :DD


I think should rework the date and time for time zone country’s.

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Clean the extracted text for translation. Ensure it’s in a format compatible with translation tools or platforms. This might involve separating strings, preparing resource files, or organizing content for ease of translation.

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In case someone want to sign in to be an official translator (not me) , i think @InterAction_studios should let this topic always be opened, not closing like this.

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These are all nice features, but the game doesn’t have a general-purpose editing UI (because it would be too complex to implement). If you need these features, just translate via Excel.

You mean see the actual screen where the text will be displayed in the game? That’s not technically possible.

What purpose would that serve?

Fixed in v.142

I can’t change the bandwidth monitor, because that information comes deep within the engine (where there are no translations)

Wherever there is conflict, the CIU version supersedes and overrides any previous translation.

Added in v.142



I’ve also added the ‘old’ CI2 and CI3 translations as reference (links at the top).


okey, it’s fine to change it now.

let it as is it, it’s enough.

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Don’t forget to translate this one (Was previously called “CI4 It’s the Mother-Hen Ship!”):



Forgot to this rename.

i’d say Con Tàu Mẹ Thế Hệ III

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I was wondering, would be possible to reset the translations for this one? Since the old name existed for a long time, many people choose the older option. But now they have to choose the new name once again, so it really depends how many people approved the new translation to show up in-game.

Well, I tried to ask it once and then…

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It is, but it’s a minor change that doesn’t really change the meaning. Besides, not all translations are actively worked on (especially for secondary languages), so if I remove it, it might never be translated again.

I misunderstood your request. I thought that you were asking about extensively deleting multiple phrases or entire translations. It’s possible to delete specific phrases.



He’s the only one who’s able to delete them.



is it possible to edit the translations like a language current (are translated) by new, in every time login?

I don’t fully understand what you are asking. There have been no changes to how players translate the game – that still works exactly in the same way.

For players who are simply running the game in a non-English language, then the most current translation (with the latest changes) will be downloaded from the server and applied automatically each time they log in.


Okey, I’m so sorry I misunderstood to asking for this update.

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