Early Access version 75

It would take alot of animations for iA to animate the egg cannonade in Adobe Animate but then he would have to rotate the egg cannonade itself in his 3D software

I meant that it is a rotation taking place in 3D space, and I suppose I kind of assumed the sprite had been created using a 3D model originally but that part probably isn’t true, thinking about it.

Either way, the point I was making (that no clever manipulation of 2D assets would be able to simulate the rotation) still stands.

Consider that even a single egg cannon sprite in this game is 8 MB in size


I mean, it was. Wouldn’t make sense for the bottom layer to look like this in the overlapping sections if it was made in 2D (not to mention that it’d likely take more work than making a 3D model and rendering it out).



your buff ideas are… horrible.

Could the same be for Big Chicken at Double Team too?


And can Iron Chef appear a little faster too?

Could Henpire Ambush wave drop more keys than normal Feather Fields wave? Because it’s more harder at high difficulties, make Feather Fields wave drop 1 key at all difficulties.

I noticed that Infinity Chick at Double Team mostly moves at the bottom of the screen(I tried battling him multiple times and noticed that Infinity Chick moves at the bottom only for about 4 or 5 times then moves normally anywhere), so yeah, I think he do that same order every battle. Maybe reduce the chances of Infinity Chick moving down can fix this.

Something about Laser Crab at max difficulty in Double Team:

It does the 2nd attack so fast immediately after the 1st attack at(max difficulty) that if you didn’t move fast & careful enough to top-right you’ll die. Why am I saying this? Sometimes the other boss at Double Team moves at top-left meaning that you’re forced to move at top-right to stay far from the other boss at top-left. It’s fair to normal light-speed spacecrafts, but not to Bombers or at Ironman with massive environment because, so you’ll have to either use phase-outs or be forced to move to the top-left and get closer to the other boss which increase the chances of you dying. So maybe delay the 2nd attack a little bit(even at max difficulty) so it can be fair to Bombers & at Ironman, so you can have a chance to go at top-right? Do apply this to normal boss battle though because you’re fighting only one boss, so both sides are safe.

This is the kinda situation I’m talking about but imagine the boss is on-top:

How about when collecting the same weapon gift you get both weapon bonus+firepower bonus because your firepower gets increased too?

At Brothers Reunited and Twice Infinity(or any other waves with more than one boss): could the screen zoom-in after a few seconds once one of the bosses is defeated? Idk about Double Team.

Do you really want another stage of the same waves over and over

I- why don’t you suggest them at the same time, it’s not even that complex that you thought of it later. Besides, no, please, it just makes the boss’ entry look way less cool.

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Because it is a very dumb idea and there was no need for it to be added? And no, I do not want to start an argument. I’m just stating my opinion. I’m ignoring your taunt, because it isn’t the point of the discussion.

Sonic the hedgehog is fast and his character is great. Now remove the faces and idle posing. Suddenly he becomes a lot less appealing. That is what is happening here, please don’t change the posing of bosses. Any loss in appeal is bad considering the fact that the CI games are driven on appeal.

Even if it’s at double team, posing is posing. Seriously. Do not.

Why are you making the game bland

Other than medal farming?


How about actually thinking about something useful to the game Instead of something useful for you? Ramon’s Golden Infinity idea is 10x better than anything you ever did honestly. :thinking:

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And so is your Henry’s Clothing Store idea
(seriously i love it)


Boss buffing is not the main thing

The thing is you steal stuff from others


And he doesn’t even give credit/care about others’ opinions.

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(btw if we’re going to continue this let’s head to the chatting place to avoid EA topic flood)

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If you want to see new ideas I have many comments and topics with so many of them. Also most of my ideas always stay for much longer in the future if they are implemented.


I’m not very good with everything that is “buff” but I try to make the concept at least useful XD


Not sure if someone had that idea earlier, but… when you’re in the hot enviroment you get your weapon overheat faster, which is one and only enviromental change. What if you could have your weapon overheating slower in frozen enviroment? I know that the main sthick is frozen screen, but if it could have idk -5 or -10% overheat rate? (don’t know how much is the rate higher in the heat)

Was mentioned before and it probably wont be added