Early Access version 51

Oh, ye I haven’t considered that it could be a problem in my headphones instead lol

I… actually lots of people tested setting the damage to a negative number, and it heals bosses. And Hend Game is the boss that is most broken whilst dealing with healing damage, and whilst I was testing, I saw this:

Yeah, the satellites just froze there, they weren’t moving at all

A lot of enemies and bosses can be broken through healing but it doesn’t matter when that’s likely never going to be added to the unmodded version

(btw i made a video about that [spoiler][MODDED] Chicken Invaders Universe (Early Access) - Healing Enemies and the unintended consequences - YouTube)


Ah yes the Flex Flu® - Heals averything

It even works underwater

I’m sure that they used those to revive bosses when they oofs

This is not what Excel editing is meant for. It’s only for testing weapon scenarios by people who know what they’re doing. In the hands of the ignorant less knowledgeable, it’s a dangerous tool.


Actually iA, it was 4


There are 19 new waves in this update. Which makes me wonder exactly how long it would take to make an entire game’s worth of them.


I would consider it an epic update.

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It’s called laser cannon.

It was changed in v50

:new: Added “Asteroids (no, really)” wave (from CI2). yes yes yes :partying_face: :partying_face: :partying_face:
this time is gone to be an HUGE update…I think is gone to change the face of the game one more time
ps I’m happy that IA start to introduce some stuff evan from the next wave :partying_face:


Yes, indeed. It’s so nice to see some ci2 waves coming to CIU.


I wonder it it will be included in asteroid belt waves too?

same fellings :smiley:


since it’s an asteroid wave, i assume it will be there i guess.

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lol, yeah.

I hope, I wonder it it will include at high difficulties that last asteroid from CI2 that takes forever to destroy :thinking:

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We need the almighty “first contact” wave now

Seriously tough we kinda had NW content (Egshell fields and a breed based on a wave gimmick)

I think no. It doesn’t fit meteor storms chaotic feel (Even if the last one was)



:new: Added “Asteroids (no, really)” wave (from CI2).



It would be cool if there are multiple of them at high difficulties too :wink:


I noticed that when you click on your items stored in your mission slots, the left menu rolls right where the item is located, like when you click the Dimensional Phase-out and it takes you to your special weapons with the item selected.

But why that doesn’t work with the Damage Amplifier special weapon? Is that a bug or intended?

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