An interesting idea

Theres a system at other beta games like ot lava and oxygen not included. They are explaining when is their new update. Making panel at main menu for next update date would be really cool.

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Yes,making a panel for the next update’s date would be great when even IA doesn’t know when exactly it’ll come out. Here’s a better idea: the panel should instead say “the next update will be released when it’s ready.”. Just be patient,and it’ll come. Besides,knowing when it’ll get released isn’t that exciting,now is it?


Stop being rude. Just a little suggestion. Releasing new updates would be cool.

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They’re already releasing updates. And how am I being rude!?! I was just trying to point out that IA doesn’t know when an update will get released(just,in a sarcastic way)

Well frankly screw estimating the release dates.
If there’s one thing I learned from playing ShellShock and GD it’s that ETAs never work out. So frankly they’re almost completely pointless.

What I would like is a panel that tells you what will be in the next update.

Though I don’t think that’s a necessary feature so, if at all, it should probably be considered for the full release or late early access.

See here: Known bugs & new features

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Without having to visit the forum?

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Is there a problem with visiting the forum?


Orandza is somewhat uncompromising with opinions, so get used to it.


Some people take things too seriously on this forum and don’t understand the sarcasm, we know how you feel.


Yeah I noticed that a while ago. He is a good person but sometimes he can be a bit “uncompromising person” as you say. What about panels announcing news. Like one panel when you click on it, it sends you to known bugs and news on next update. Other one for sending you to downloading page. Other ones for most clicked hot topics…