Early Access version 58.2

How about sending KADİR a system message in the game? Like a warning to not do it again.

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But the dude created more than 30 alts just to insult others. I don’t think a warning will stop him

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But I already said something similar before. Why didn’t you accept it back then?

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Probably because I was clearer on what to do? Or mine was just a lot easier to do


If you check the poll you’ll see that most people agree. Sooo… are you gonna add it?

I’m interested about this, what’s going to be stored in this new folder?


they may be related but, KERiM is only responsible for this

while KADiR maybe were normal and didn’t do anything so he doesn’t deserve anything bad

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Ok. :medal_sports: Idea

Nothing. It’s just an extra folder step to distinguish the IA version from other ones. I was a bit short-sighted initially thinking that it would not be necessary, but now I realize there will be a Steam version at the very least, and I’d like to keep them separate.

Agreed. He has abused the guest accounts functionality, but there’s no official policy against that. Yet.


KADiR did that so he deserve the ban
KERiM was a normal CIU player and didn’t do anything bad, he acted normal in playing

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Granted. I’m talking about the guest accounts issue. KADiR has 56 guest accounts. I’d call that abuse.


But he impersonated my account. With TWO One-Winged Lunarians.

Please change those names.

Oh, and check this: Early Access version 58.2 - #158 by OneWingLunarian

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I suggested it first though

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then i have an suggestion to prevent this issue from happening

only make all the CIU players have at least 3 or 4 accounts as a maximum number of accounts that can be created

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It should limit the IP Address as well. Not just the current device.

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That’s good news

iA, I just had this idea: how about giving players the chance to make a maximum of 3 or more setups for the mission config? e.g. “Space Race set-up”, or “Daily Hard set-up”

Already suggested.

Also, something inexcusable and diabolical that you might wanna change because i’m nitpicky :stuck_out_tongue:

There’s no capitalization on the bonuses. No need for a medal.

oh noes! no caps!!!11 is unforgivabless!


you just saved the universe

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That post is both a joke and not a joke though. Just bringing that to attention is all

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All these multiple-loadout ideas are good, but they’re problematic in terms of implementation. Specifically, how is equipment handled between them? Is it shared or not? If I have 9 missiles and I mount 3 of them on one loadout, does that only leave 6 for the other loadouts? And what happens after the mission, when your slots are replenished from whatever equipment you have remaining? Or can you automatically ‘steal them’ from other loadouts?

Come to think of it, the practical approach is if equipment is NOT shared between loadouts. So they are reserved, you can’t re-used them, and you can’t steal them at the end. This means you’d have to buy more equipment to support multiple loadouts, but that’s a fair price to pay for the flexibility.

On the list.

Bonuses are not capitalized.