Early Access version 64

Changed in v.65 :medal_sports: Idea

It was always like this. The randomizer can’t customize Laserguns so they always fire once, but this particular wave was coded manually.

Fixed in v.65 :medal_sports: Bug

Danger zones only apply to the very beginning of each wave. The first enemy groups always spawn at the top (away from you), so no zone is necessary.


Thanks, also you mean “Changed”?

And it should be :bulb:


N i t p i c k y a t i t ’ s f i n e s t no offense

About the Supernova mission, the ones with an Alien container in it should be distinguished from the ones without it, like from CI4.

requested by me multiple times already

Does this imply that there will be Retro backgrounds from other games as well?

C’mon, it’s the only one looking weird. You would’ve done the same thing if it was in yours.

why the medal goes to this is true user?


He reported it first time ago, I think


so why IA quote me or didn’t said that he reported that?

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I think you should get the medal too.

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Fair enough, you should get the medal too

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Sorry, my mistake.


a bug

Because the Boss Chick has less health than the Sweater Chicken, and the progress meter counts both of the enemies.


I noticed that Chick Lasergun hit 3 hit repeatedly in a single attack.

To be honest, it should also be in the Heavy Metal wave. As it stands today, the wave is child’s play, because Chick Laser Gun is easier than Chick Gatling Gun. Despite this, the three-shot mechanism is on a more difficult wave.

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For some reason I really like the CI5 Victory music (Christmas). I think it would be nice if we keep this music.

Oh xmax version thank you!:heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


Oooooh My God ! It’s a good surprise for me after a long time!
CI3 balloon chicken!


You’ve missed couple of updates since you were away for the time being


This isn’t the first report of this issue: Early Access version 58.2 - #264 by RainbowBoyVN
But it’s still pretty weird that the Muller’s rear pods don’t have the default blue texture.
Default Pods rear texture is missing
If this does get fixed, I’d like it for the medal to go to RainbowBoyVN or someone else incase there’s another report predating his report.

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Probably intentional right at beginning

If it’s not, I’d like to change bombers default exhaust to red/dark red (inner/outer) so it fits