Early Access version 72

Okay… why iA said that then:

Thanks for informing anyway, let’s wait for his reply.

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Look, EC is balanced as is. Please don’t wreck the difficulty scaling.


When we choose leaving orbit, the CIU theme (intense) triggered and play loop of that (only leave and stay there)
Can u change that detail into ambient one?

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Intense theme is intended to work only when you aren’t orbiting something. When you leave the orbit, you are not orbiting anything. If you really want to hear ambient theme, just rejoin the game.


Just explaining my thoughts on the way that I voted (all except Bird-Flu) - I think it makes sense for big one-time detonations like Payback, Bombs, and the slow-firing ICBM, but it’s a bit less necessary when talking about a more “spammable” weapon like the Bird-Flu.

When will the galaxy be reset?

On v73

Yours is more of a, how do I put it…
They should be next to each other, not on top of one another. They should look the way they are in-game.

I can agree, it will help with confusion if implemented.
I don’t truly know if the UI would become less pretty, though.

Also, what do you think about this - should the satellite text label be moved upwards and placed in between the boxes (right of them, of course) if the change doesn’t get implemented?

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I meant that the number of attacks increases with difficulty. It’s ~10% rather than 20% (because the boss doesn’t even appear below 30%). The exact numbers are 30%,50%,60%,70%,80%.

Too much hand-holding.

Rings travel in both directions, so reversing would not solve anything.

Because this way is consistent with cheaper models, which only have two satellite slots. I agree that placing the 3rd/4th slots further out would be better, but there’s no space on that screen.

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Why can’t it be a +5% or a +10% on the difficulties >100? As 140% is +20%. I mean the difficulties 110%, 120% and 130%.

It already goes gradually from -50% to 20%. I just mentioned values for 3 “well-known” difficulties.


iA, when fighting Hend Game at max difficulty with Plasma or Absolver it is really hard because of the feathers, and it’s even harder when it retreats because it will hit you fast in the next phase, and Plasma isn’t strong enough to clear your way out, so perhaps increase Plasma’s damage(or push power like Hale said below)and its AoE too a little bit to the feathers(Idk about Absolver) because it’s so unfair at Hend Game.

I haven’t tried it recently, if it is already changed during the past updates then sorry for bothering.

Another small thing is that can you add a crown to King of Crabs? To make it more special, I you call it that because it’s the last Crab in CI4 and it has the most arms, but it would be really cool to add a crown on its head. And made it flow away with Crabs’ parts after it is destroyed.

Your talking about this?

(yes i have tried this boss with plasma and abslover)

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On a bomber, it’s mostly fine.
On 140% difficulty, it becomes slightly annoying with plasma, since you can’t nearly damage the bugger.
But on a fighter, you only have one beam.

The general strategy is to try and remain in one small zone for as long as possible (provided you manipulate the suns right).

Rather than damage, why not increase the push force? seems like a better, more balanced fix.



I meant H&C and Müllers.

I’m trying as soon as I can.

Actually I meant that, the push power, feathers can’t get damaged, lol.

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Oh well, Imma make an artwork about it soon.

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Well, I will be awaiting for it.

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Neither of those things affect how much feathers are pushed. The only thing that matters is how many times/sec damage is caused, and Plasma is intentionally very slow.

Given all of the other perks of Plasma, being so-so against feathers is a reasonable trade-off.