Early Access version 53

It was already said before:

Can’t you read earlier replies to check if the reply you’re going to write has been said before or not? (No offense tho)

ok mina i will delete it

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Unless you’re on electric environment

i didnt even think what this whould possible, this misión was my favorite in all the ci series, and with this update, i still loving them :heart:


Sometimes coward chickens do not throw waste at the player but in the opposite direction to the direction of their flight.

( Notice the wastes)
Edit: In “Chequerboard Promenade” wave the coward chickens rarely shoot waste at players

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The bug what you reported in Feather Fields was in all waves:

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Now, seems like many people want it for the galactic store


I think you should put the poll Public, to know how many people voted for one side and for the other side


Right Point, i Will try if i can make them public without discard the votes

EDIT: sorry, i cant change it now, so, i make this another poll what its the same, but public, the other old poll still here

  • Add it to the Galactic Shop
  • Do not Add it
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Hmm … should the barrier from “From Cover to Cover” wave become indestructible? Because it can cause inequity in competitive missions


I suggested it from the previous version, no response yet though.

can you buff Henterprise Hencounter, and Boldly goes whenever it pleases?
i think 24% (max difficulty for 1st one) 74% (max difficulty for 2nd one)

I can’ do that, because lightnings are enemies, and they can only occur within waves (in fact, one of the bugs is that too frequent lightning can hold up the wave and prevent it from ending.

Currently, the only reason frozen environments are worth more is due to frost obscuring your vision. If weapons overheat slower, it would nullify the frost, so frozen missions would be worth just the same as regular missions (or perhaps, even less).

Fixed in v.54 :medal_sports: Bug

I’d like to keep them destructible because it provides an alternative way of finishing the wave.


Usually, red represents lower wavelength, and purple represents higher wavelength. Basically, when you’re talking about light and other related phenomena, red is weaker, while purple, blue, and white represent stronger wavelength.

Red lightning is a thing, but it’s actually much weaker.

Lightning is electricity. The oldest know form of electricity to mankind, actually. You’ve either bunked physics class or haven’t passed fourth grade yet.

Well, I could go on a tangent about how someone normally isn’t this cheerful unless their childhood has ended… but my above statement is enough proof, I think.

I am aware that the game in question has you adjust a planet’s orbit with an outsized fan, but a line has to be drawn somewhere when it comes to realism.

Also red lightning would look just horrendously ugly.


But can we make the ones that you cannot destroy without a satellite/Vulcan indestructible?

Sometimes some feathers are not destroyed when the bomb explodes

This happens when the bomb explodes as soon as they appear.

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hmm…I just met a wave which have a safe zone and 4 anomaly zones in that safe zone. What its name?

Corridor Shooter


Should the health bar be removed from “It’s the Mother-Hen ship!” too?
Also when using Riddler at massive missions Massive the mouse sign appears, is it a bug or normal?
Also why does it count for a name change if adding a space only at the beginning/end of the original name?

I think it’s normal, since the ship is being pushed behind by the weapon.

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