CIU version 146 BETA


BETA server is now off-line


I don’t see these in the changelog. Maybe you forgot to list them.

more like the whole replies today

bringing up the christmas cuisine idea again, could reuse assets from Christmas Eve Crisis maybe

also incredibly niche but the earth chapter in CI5 could have a summer sky from Piggly or Smileyville


Fixed in v.146.2 :medal_sports: Bug


I have an idea
Make pizza cuisine.
The smallest food can be pizza slices and the biggest can be hawaiian pizza. You can also throw calzones for variety and cheese stuffed crust pizza.

isn’t that already a thing

It may be.
But hawaiian pizza needs to get included for summer edition.

Do we already have that koko? :sob:

Well i guess iA can replace the normal pizza cuisine with Hawaiian Pizza cuisine in Summer Edition

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and for the vegetarian cuisine replace some of the produce with a watermelon, coconut, pineapple and grapefruit

or you can make the vegetarian cuisine entirely fruits

fried chicken cuisine would be entirely burned

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v.146.2 is now available.

:arrow_down: Download the BETA from:


is the lack of a comb on this one intentional?


This is really awesome!


If in summer everything is hot then egg projectiles should be hard-boiled, eh?

Just looked closer at the seashell effect and they spin sometimes unnaturally faster for a femtosecond.


There is something but I am not considered it as a bug just something IA forgot to add
There is something called Fish cuisine and it’s not available in galaxy store it is only available at space burger and barriers it should be added to galaxy store

And if it was something got forgotten on purpose then it won’t be added to galaxy store

It’s a rare cuisine, not available in the galactic store even in the official build

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Yo i have another idea (that if it can be good only), can we get a new Exhaust about bubbles…

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I don’t think it’d work as a new exhaust, instead, why not using it as a pixie dust and make it premium?


Yeah thats good too