Early Access version 67

The rule of any activity is to always expect the worse scenario. Cowards aren’t too dangerous, especially with absolver. Slobs are way more dangerous actually, shooting whenever they want. Anyway, I agree that absolver should destroy cowards’ projectiles too.

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Sorry, I meant at Ironman the whole time because their projectiles are faster.

Actually it depends on weapon type, for example the worse weapons to use at then is Riddler and the best is Absolver, then Plasma, so basically the more stronger the more better.

Yeah, but is already added that feature:

So with it not working at some waves is more like a bug.

Coward chicken will waste if it’s bubble got hit though it wasn’t damaged at all.

Sorry to ask this question but what happens when an unfortunate player in League managed to get 0 and still lose again?

Assassins are.

But they don’t appear a lot like Cowards, I wonder why??

Hm, the Alien Mothership does not award damage points.


How are waves like “Cardinality of 4” have random enemies even if you play the same mission again?

I have one useless idea
useless NPCs
they will be randomly located on the map and you will be able to talk to them.
they will mostly talk about the things that happened to them, how much they hate some enemies and bosses,they will recommend you which weapons and ships to use for some missions, they will make jokes and complain about some things that uhf does
(yes they are recruits)
besides that, they are quite useless
some can be found buying at herowares or selling food at space burgers
maybe you can find a hero at a random space academy

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There’s a chance that it’s intended, because you can multikill it

@InterAction_studios Don’t know exact version but since some day people keep getting white screen when streaming the game in borderless or windowed mode in Discord. I’ll try browsing through old installers to find exact version.

Ok the first version which has this issue is v58. This?

  • :gear: Uses DirectX 11.1 to take advantage of flip-model swapchains (available in Windows 10 only) for improved performance.

iA, chicks weren’t eyeless in CI4. Why are thy eyeless in CIU(and maybe Chickens too)? Could you add eyes to them? They look kinda creepy. Or at least add “X” to their eyes:

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There is no eyes because eyes are in different texture. They were not like this in CI4 so that’s why.

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they’re dead


Oh, um… okay. May I ask how they died??

I would like to tell story about it but it’s too gore

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  • :bulb: League: Dare recipient can see mission waves (@Francis :medal_sports: Idea)

@InterAction_studios i think its mine

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Looks somewhat…eh, I like screwing myself up by making things obscure.

Hold on, wrong quote



The beam will only stop projectiles directly in its path. If you barely graze a Coward, that Coward might spawn a retaliatory bullet outside the beam’s thickness.

I’ve increased the clearing radius by 10% to catch most of these cases (some will still go through, however :man_shrugging:) . Fixed in v.68 :medal_sports: Bug

Acknowledged; won’t fix. That’s because the mothership is not a single big enemy, but many small ones, so score naturally increases progressively.

This to be the same problem as “taskbar thumbnail is white”. or “PrtScn captures a white screen”. I can’t figure out why :frowning: . I’ll have another attempt at it, though.

Fixed in v.68 :medal_sports: Bug