Early Access version 109

Because yes

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Yeah, no one would like their fuel freezing

Also, in “Enemy Queue” and '“Take a Number!”, can the chickens and barriers appear faster? It loses for about 3-5 secs to appear.


@InterAction_studios Since you’ll make frozen variations of asteroid belts, can you add lightning environment to some asteroid belts too?

Can you make Egg Cannon attack with double orange lasers starting from 120% difficulty?(that definitely won’t be harder than 7-laser Yolk-Star)

Add a mirrored variation to “Slice of Chicken Pie” wave.

Can minibosses(Chickenaut,Armored,Slob) appear in The Fortress? Not replacing Gatling Gun spots, but in normal spots.

Can barriers at Wait Your Turn wave switch places with Chickens or be replaced with eggs(or technology enemies at high difficulties)? Because it doesn’t make much sense that chickens are protecting barriers.

Also I got another new topic for waves, be sure to check it out:

are you serious? asteroids don’t have atmosphere, hot and frozen is the state of the asteroids itself


@InterAction_studios Btw, can frozen asteroid orbits appear as well

Also, isn’t this suggested by like, everyone?

I remember suggesting this before.


I have another suggestion: Reinforcements in wave /Time penalty

Right now nobody will stop you from overextending missions, not even the chickens. The bigger problem is farming keys slowly in key rushes. I found 2 solutions.

If I were a chicken and had to wait more time than expected to attack the recruit, I would abandon my position and go for the lazy recruit in anger.

After 2x / 3x time (x = average time needed to complete mission with minimum recommended firepower), No-points terminator chickens start appearing. And can’t give keys.

Time penalty:
If the recruit overextends, points will be deducted to a maximum of -10%. Very simple.

IA, can you make dr. Beaker appears in difficulty 50% because he looks easier ?
And I have another question .
And you didn’t answer this .

I have 218.6 GB.

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Space is already cold, but this one has frost.

Not to argue with what I said above, but.
I guess 500GB are pretty cheap.

So…I think all waves is added but not now yet

And if I can play new wave so be it :slightly_smiling_face:

I can’t thinking any new waves add him

Sadly :frowning:

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Yes we’re still waiting for a date for the patch to drop.

Try to think a bit more.

@InterAction_studios Can you make config presets save/load satellite loadouts as well? I keep finding myself going back and forth between menus to change them manually


yes there is

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@InterAction_studios i did ctrl alt x and i logged in (it happened again resolution thing)

also when someone is in multiplayer, and owner puts pause after person shots absolver beam, and person leaves, its still on screen

Thats just a lagged issus

absolver beam’s beam animation is intended to last for a short moment after you shoot it, same thing applies for laser cannon


Who? Me? Anyone?

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