CIU version 138

yeah i hope they fix this when it fully come out because it is so annoying

you can’t the screen is moving fast i have to move fast too

Hello IA i played the entire planetary chapter and it was awesome because a paid game its free now which mean my wish came fully true YOU guys deserve a ton of credit for making this happen! Im sure a lot of players will arrive once they hear about this awesome game!
Anyway i have something to report in wave 88 in CI5 that is the metal barrier at the corner is destoryable unlike CIU counter part which you can’t! Here is a picture to understand it better so please make it undestoryable
OH! And make the forzen land chapter a frozen environment as well! Thats all i have to say my callsign is Kaizen Jema and thanks for making the game a better place to play!

Oh yeah… you haven’t seen how hard maneuvering through boulders was in beta.
Boulders in the official version have been moved up slightly to create an easier path.

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Hope you’re not disappointed, but the free full games are experimental and will eventually become a paid feature later.

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Already fixed, just wait for the next update:

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Why do I hear a double confirmation sound when I click on CI5? Like one for the option and the second for the “I agree” option?

The game seems to crash if you kill the first chick in the first wave of CI5U and then immediately click cancel mission, is this a bug?

Is this intentional? The laser should be on top of everything else

i still think they should make these rocks and not the other rocks to not make you die it is very annoying and even with what you said it is still very hard to dodge

uh is this normal this weak chickens in ci5u wave 64

At least i played the game that i couldn’t previously do like my wish came true im so hapi😢

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Skill issue for you then :clown_face:

Wanted to change the language using the language button on another computer today, but instead it just restarted the game without changing it.

This has been already fixed.

Are you on Android? On Android there is a significant chance the game will crash when you exit the mission (no matter what you do). Still investigating.

It can’t be underneath your spacecraft and simultaneously on top of everything else


Does it do this consistenly?

This can happen if the game can’t save its CIU.cfg file (e.g. the file is already open, or the permissions are screwed up)


Yes, I am on android

Recently, the community asked me about what is different between each Reactors. However, when they asked me too closely about this, i was very confused. After a thinking, and combine the opinion from the community, i decided to suggest @InterAction_studios about the reactors.

Simple that, can you reduce “Power Produced” for each reactors?

Let me explain this: We have already known that using a better reactor would make you to play the game with better heat sink, better engine, and also the weapon. So when will we have the highest “Power consumed”? We will have that if we get all of three items: Cubic Boron Arsenide Heat Sink (Legendary, fully 3 times upgraded level), Hall-Effect Thruster (Legendary, fully 3 times upgraded level) and Absolver Beam (fully 8 times upgraded level).
Everyone should notice this: In fact, if you buy a normal Proton-Proton Chain Reactor (1397 keys in Galactic Shop) and upgrade it only 1 times (50 keys in Galactic Shop), you will be enabled to use all of three items above.
And this will cause any Proton-Proton rarity items become useless. Mostly people will said that collecting Proton-Proton Chain Reactor Legendary was used to show off, or show that you are very cool because you have that legendary item, while we just need a normal proton-proton with 1 upgraded level.

Back to my suggestion, reducing Power Produced for each reactors is more simple than changing anything for other items. In my opinion, i think we should make sure that after reducing them, Proton-Proton Chain Reactor with Legendary rarity and 3 upgraded level will be the only thing that can be used with 3 items i told you above.

This is correct except for 1 information: you don’t even need to upgrade the proton proton once, even if basic.


You have to pay 50 keys for the first upgraded level: