Early Access version 117.2

does the space burger headquartes one exist?

Should this happen?

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I suggested this back in v114 but iA didn’t reply to it. May I bring it on again?

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I’d like to report something, today’s Daily Mission’s description has the Weapons Training’s description. Bug?

I am kinda concerned about this. Does this mean any account associated with that e-mail domain are deleted, or just that any further accounts won’t be allowed with “@gmail.com” anymore?

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There is no mention of @gmail.com in that quoted text.


I don’t think @gmail.com would be affected anytime soon.
It’s a well-known email domain and a lot of users have that.

@gmail.co on the other hand … I don’t see anything about that when I looked that up.


Idea: Unpicked satellites should have a timer for when they disappear.

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You mean a visible timer? They already disappear after some time.

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Or add it to Countdown Insight instead.

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Oh, so @gmail.co is the one that’s not allowed, not @gmail.com. Okay, got it.


Can “Clean Sweep” Bonus be added to waves that have destructible barriers in them?

Since they are also considered enemies and can escape.

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Ig this was a rule in CI4.

Ah, reminds me with how all waves in CI3 have clean sweep bonus.

Is Anniversary mission supposed to have top-10 list when viewing it at Recents:

Also it’s not accurate to the original one because scores past 6 months expires:


Unnecessary idea taken randomly from the head:
Weapons that reach power 30 will become golden (why? … I don’t know)

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bringing back up this idea


Should the weapon name be displayed and worked before a wave starts in Weapon Training?

Let players preview any CHL required items in customization

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