Early Access version 85.3

Reduce Fester’s appearance from 50% to 25%:
  • Yeah.
  • Nah.
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Should Infinity Chick attack 6 times instead of 3 times at Chicken Multiplicity:
  • Yeah, I agree.
  • No!
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Yes but may get you thru space races faster than usual

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FYI, this is the moment when Fester shoots in regular waves.


Huh. Well, you could have just solved (7110779+370000)*(1+0.5+x)=11222272.

But, in the general case, it’s not possible to calculate precisely, because all remaining bonuses are rounded to one decimal place, too.

Fixed in v.86 :medal_sports: Bug. But, as I said, I don’t yet know if these 3 lasers will stay.


If you want them to stay so you can reduce the speed of the 3 lasers or you can make a bigger space for BX spaceships. I want them to stay.

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Why you gave credit to another person then:

I also noticed this one. I don’t know why.

Mistake. Corrected.


IA i think that weapon virtuosity must not be counted in weapon training missions and bonus must be 0.00% because everyone uses the same set of weapons and they are forced to use them (because that is the concept of the mission)


Why Fester have more health then other Saucers?

Also pecking order at “Mars Attack!” wave is almost impossible due to Festers appearing a lot and with different speed. Can Festers appear like “Shoot and Loot” wave order?

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By the same logic, everyone gets the same bonus. So it’s still fair.

I just copied the green alien saucer. It has the same health as that.

No, because that would make the two waves too similar.

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But everyone having the same bonus… it just kills the purpose of having it and that is my point

Yeah, but that means there is no point in putting effort into removing it.

Isn’t that supposed to be Show 'em, not Show’em

iA, could you prevent the balloon chickens from spawning in Centipede, Zig-zag, The Magic Flute, and Bend/Kick it like Beckhen only if one of those waves is being played on its “upside-down” variant?


iA, I think the “hint” button needs to be made a bit more obvious. Or at least renamed. This should hopefully make it more apparent to those who do not know about it’s existence.


When I destroyed the UFO from the “Fester” alien, I see the green smoke instead of red smoke. Can you change the smoke depend on the light color of UFO?


Can you add password feature to accounts? And ability to reset it when it is forgotten.


Technically pin code already does that. If you need account to be forgotten, just delete it.