CIU version 138 BETA


oh ok

@InterAction_studios can you add this edits to my idea (CIU Summer Event). Please.

either you message him privately or shut up because this is not the right topic for that

There is a little bug here

Why I can shoot rocks?

Why I die when I touch rocks not ground
please fix this

Pilot Chicken’s clothes in CIU alway is green color so is not necessary add this texture. I’m sure in the source of the CIU.dat file, there is only one texture of the Pilot Chicken’s clothes not more color clothes, the small size image looks lighter than the image with many colors of the Pilot Chicken’s clothes.

when hit the rocks that hard unfortunaly. not fix are rocks very tough

Dont be aggresive like THAT. :rage::rage::rage:

And what if we do? :trollface:


its not your first time posting in the wrong topic intentionally i have the rights to NOT be gentle


Why not? The Regular chicken and Metal-suit Chicken in any waves like “Over the Rainbow”, “Slice of Chicken Pie”, etc… have their color clothes,while Pilot can’t wear other color like them.

Continuing the discussion from Early Access version 90:

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Vrej indeed :clown_face:

It’s funny to see the key bouncing off the ground and that piece of stone almost indefinitely.

Some saucer chicks still spawn from the left side of the screen instead of top-left corner after rotation.
Weapons now collide with terrain, which basically makes no sense for enemies to suddenly “come out” from solid icerock.

Ye, I think that’s not a problem, because Pilot’s color clothes have already had in Ci5 default game, maybe noone explained to iA about the reason why they should be added.

Also this is extremely hilarious.

using bx be like:

edit: alr, it stills can, so ignore this reply