Early Access version 116

Grayscale effect doesn’t effect exhaust and hardpoints. Bug?

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why is the iron chef thing an idea lol
what have I done?

I know. Coins are not food, but I created skins for them based on new varieties of food.

Vegetarian Cuisine

Popcorn Cuisine

Sweets Cuisine

Pizza Cuisine

Fried Chicken Cuisine


All of these skins designs are good, but the Fried Chicken Cuisine skin design looks cursed.


There are people here who is fine with this exploit because it is legal exploit, and besides I said that there is no reward in exchange of getting a place in the leaderboards.

I still find a poll verification on this necessary if you don’t mind?

Unnecessary as the middle safe zone is not misleading.

The idea is already implemented:

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Why are the sweets in the sweets cuisine less realistic than in Piggly?

Eating a sock


Thinking about closing this poll after 4 days just to get the best possible results.
Though it also means that it goes up the chain as time goes on and people are not as likely to see it.

(IA did ask for this poll though so I think it’s fine if I drag it down a bit just so everyone sees it and gives their opinions)

Or should I just close it at the end of today? idk tbh.

Should’ve made a score scaler for this poll.

Changing now…

I have 1 thing to say about “The Next Generation” wave (though i don’t have any picture about it)
Everyone was known that “The Next Generation” wave is the first wave of CI4, with introducing new breed chicken of CI series: The Chick. And you know, following its name wave and the story of CI4, that’s true
Back to CIU, “The Next Generation” now can be random chickens. I think this is not correct with the first wave of CI4 (in the story). My suggestion is: Let “The Next Generation” wave has only mixed of type of chicks. I mean: In that wave, beside Chick, that wave can have other type of chicks in same time with Chick, with depend on difficult of mission. Thanks you!

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Poll for The chill Chicken Idea
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Effervescence barrier rework when

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3 consecutive posts?

Edit button, btw.

What do you mean? The texture or the placement?

Ugh, this is getting to be more trouble than it’s worth. It’s much harder to gray out the hardpoints, so I skipped it. But… changed in v.117 :medal_sports: Idea

Because it’s not really a bug.

This is an adaptation of the wave for CIU, not a 100% accurate recreation. Besides, if all enemies were of a single type, it would be too similar to “Military Parade”

Looks fine to me.


Some suggestion:

  1. Prevent coolants from breaking the streak to iceman medal. I always find it ridiculous. but if this gets denied, then remove corn shotgun ability to avoid overheating.

  2. Stacker wave: chickens have a delaying in falling when using the anomaly in the same time. causing some chickens to stack togehter before falling and may make the players unable to crash to dodge. please fix that.

  3. Removal of ball barriers in packing plant. it literally makes the player risk himself to kill the chickens or be unable to damage the boxes of chickens regularly with them existing.

  4. Why do cuisines change in droid raid missions despite I haven’t set any cuisines in the config screen?

  5. Backup droid patrol: remove “watch your back” sign as long side danger zones exist (no medal needed).

  6. prevent asteroid vortex wave from taking place in EM mission, space is very tight and any lightning strike can target the place which can cause a guaranteed death.


I agree with that a bit.

Did IA reject it before? if it is then that contradicts the point of having corn shotgun not breaking the streak when filling the overheat bar.

I don’t know, I just didn’t like the idea.