Early Access version 122

How can… the 77th guy???

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In regards to the Thanksgiving edition, how many things did you manage to port from CI4? Like what got changed?


Lmao :relieved:

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Just the bare minimum. I don’t have a lot of time to spare on this, and the next update is coming on Wednesday. CI4 Thanksgiving used a lot of custom seasonal code to change appearance/sounds (and even phrases), and that is always problematic.

Oh, and I didn’t manage to come up with a good solution to convert the basic chicken breeds into turkeys :frowning:


A suggestion I have is to indicate whenever a player is hosting a MP session, so that others can be aware of it. It can make use of the existing text string (“user” is flying “mission name”), by changing “flying” to “hosting”. This’ll serve as the indicator that the player is hosting a MP session.

Would be useful if this icon changed depend on what platform you used
(on and give @iIfireIi idea medal for his original idea)


So that would mean no thanksgiving edition?, If yes. Then how about we commemorate world cup?, Yeah I know it was suggested and declined before. But it was declined because it was planned to be replaced with the thanksgiving edition. Correct me if I am wrong about this.

It wouldn’t. He said he ported the bare minimum from ci4, don’t think that was done for nothing.


I’ve re-used the square icon (with your shield color) for that purpose

Tomorrow’s update will be Thanksgiving Edition.


v.123 UPDATE

ETA Wednesday 16 Nov 2022 08:00-10:00 GMT


This is supposed to be indicated by the icon (two rockets), although I guess it’s not necessarily “hosting”. Hmm, will look into it.

Update: Changed in v.123 :medal_sports: Idea


Question: Would there any plan to make a story mode in ciu?
Or will be in a separate game just like other ci

This is a spin-off
I mean there may not have a story in CIU

Some stuff:
When setting the game details to Low, the effects of collecting food, coins and etc disappear, right? Well, there’s an effect that still remains: the effect that appears whenever an enemy projectile is destroyed. Can you make that effect disappear too in low detail mode?

You know the eggshells (that appear in waves like Waving in the Breeze, Eggshell Fields, etc)? When the game details are set to Low, the cracking sound effect disappears. Can you also keep the cracking sound, even in low detail mode (the same way you did to Crab/V2’s glass bottles breaking sound effect)?

Can the waves “The Next Generation” and “Attack Formations” have 4 rows of chickens? Having 3 rows of chicken makes these waves slightly easier.

Visual idea: during boss rushes, you’re always on the move (the starfield continues to scroll at a slow speed and only speed up during henlley’s comet)

Is that how it is supposed to be or what
I think you have to fix this
Dark mission in a hot planet

darkness could appear in infernos but could not appear in suns

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yes its intended

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So, anything regarding this poll?

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Enemy projectiles typically don’t have disappearance effects. Which one are you talking about?

Fixed in v.124 :medal_sports: Bug

Given how much trouble I’m currently having with the text input, it’s not something I can address currently. There will definitely NOT be a setting for this, however.