Early Access version 113

Makes the game easier by unlocking upgraded equipment. not taking effect in missions.

@InterAction_studios Pilot Chickens that drop coins when they are killed don’t have a coin in the middle of them. Can you fix that?


Already did suggested the glow-in-the-dark keys part

VF-56 should be(Hot+Massive) environment resistance.

  • Yes, this will be useful at Sun missions(Hot+Massive).
  • No, other suggestion is better(Frozen+Massive).
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Is the following music suitable to be used in normal Chicken Invasion missions (changed a few updates ago)?

CI3 victory theme (Comet Chase)
  • Yes, should be used in normal missions
  • No, only in Comet Chase missions

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CI4 victory theme (Supernova, Feather Fields)
  • Yes, should be used in normal missions
  • No, only in the missions above

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CI5 victory theme (Artifact Recovery)
  • Yes, should be used in normal missions
  • No

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Got it. These re-arranged features ensure that the better VF spacecraft gain resistance to more extreme conditions:

  • Frozen: Slowdown but prevent overheat
  • Massive: Only slowdown
  • Hot: Faster overheat
  • Lightning: More obstacles to dodge, very annoying
  • Darkness: Limited vision, extremely annoying

Let’s consider @Stardrone’s idea also:

I suggest the buffs below to make the VF-series more useful:
+) VF-56: Resistant to frozen, massive environment and snowballs, slowdown zones (preserved speed and maneuverability)
+) VF-66: Also resistant to hot environment, fireballs and overheat zones (harden against all external heat)
+) VF-76: Also resistant to dark environment, lightnings and toxic clouds (hazardous environment) (protected from every environmental factors except mechanical attacka (can still be hitted by other projectiles like eggs, guanos, neutrons, lasers, Dr. Beaker’s blue potions…))

These buffs seem extreme, but consider the current weaknesses of the VF-series, I think it’s reasonable to make them more worthy. They’re still not that helpful in competitive missions, but they might balance the powers of each series. What do you think?


Is it just me or the purple electric fence/Plasma Rifle become more “wavy” than they were in previous version?


Considering that the boss already summons slowdown zones, toxic clouds and overheat zones, I think his potions are already covered by the hazard resistance.
Also I don’t think that VF should resist the blue potions, since that is an attack and not an hazard.



Chicken Hunter License Badge cuztomize idea.
(Kinda bad idea but eh.)

photo example
On the pilot screen, the CHL icon option will appear near your callsign. This feature will change your chl icon from cyan into other color you want (and icons too if iA want). And ofcourse, it required a CHL (you maybe add the description on the “V.I.P”)

So the screen editing will look like this. I’m currently dont have any idea for some icons unless if you or iA had some idea for it.


I wish I could customize mine with a golden star ( :star: ).


OK, that makes sense. I edited it. Should I open a poll or mention iA now?

I made a simple diagram to illustrate it. Couldn’t find enough picture to put in.


I got this error while trying to open the Standalone version of the game.
Translation: Incorrect image.
is not designed to run on Windows or contains an error. Install the program again using the original media, or contact your system administrator or software vendor for support Error status: 0xc000012f
I’m gonna try to download it again.
Update: Tried downloading it again, it didn’t work. :cry:

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this is a picture for people who were asking what is UCO5? gonna post this image rather than I am saying UCO5 when or maybe just say UCO5 when again idk ask future me

I wish it will be coming but if it isn’t then I’ll wait
now you know how hard I try for this “joke” to be real

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UCO 5 will never come out

I’ll wait for Early Access Version 114

I wonder if there would be more ship feature variants other than just dual weapons/weapons switching in the future?

Im just relized that Absolver Beam can yeet (destroy) the Chill zones. Which is intended, right?

not harmful so it can’t destroy

The reason I specifically gave the VF 66 the lightning AND heat resistance is so it has better incentive to be bought.

The VF56 already has the highest fp cap and speed out of the 3 VFs, so it gets the least useful resistances.

The VF66 now includes the more annoying stuff, like faster overheat and lightning strikes. (They’re things that really get you killed as a new player)

the VF-77 still includes a jacuzzi, and also gives you darkness resistance since for some people, that either nothing, or its hell on earth.

in a way, the VF76 at least becomes a consideration: Are you fine without darkness resistance? Or do you struggle with it?
At least this could be a better thing for the newer players who may not do well against such missions.

speaking of which, can we add the “backseat jacuzzi” as one of the features for the VF76