CIU version 141

My mean actually is: Playing randomly all 3 CI2 music tracks in CIU mission (before: CI2 theme music track is only played in CIU mission) . I’m not talking about 3 CI2 music tracks in Galactic Store.

I wish I saw these after I came back. Wow.


Me too I dreamed of this new features.

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So i used to default slot in wave music but there’s is no CI2 Music 1 actually getting unused in CIU Mission.

@InterAction_studios is it allowed to fly a mission without buying required items to dock into some planets?

More details: I told one of my friend to try a retro mission in squadron assignment, turned out she can fly that mission without buying horizon stabilizer and gravity nullifier.

Yes. It’d be lame if you have to have them, right?
Moreover, this is known:

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Changed in v.142 :medal_sports: Idea

Yes, assignments work like that.


@InterAction_studios Are we looking at old ideas for 2024? Is it possible to add new parts to the game?

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I mean, I’d call those 4 ideas old. Some of them are even in my ideas collection topic.

Why wouldn’t it be?


Is there Nintendo Switch Pro controller support in the game? When I use mine it doesn’t detect the attack, special and satellites buttons, only the joystick works… Nevermind, Steam detects it as an Xbox controller (what the hell?)

for some reason you can find players with callsigns that were reset (at least that’s what the “(deleted)” seems to be)

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Is it the one in the galactic party? (the one where you spawn the bosses)

yes, same like that


And does can support for CHL only or non-CHL?

Isn’t this require a specified version that used to reset the galaxy like version 74?

That’s a DirectInput8 thing. Did you try remapping the controls? (Main Menu → Options → Controls → Joypad → Customize)

I changed this precisely so that they can be searchable. Previously, they only had two dashes --, which meant you couldn’t search for them.

An expanded version of that, yes.

I don’t know yet which of these features will be CHL-exclusive . Most likely only the editor will be (for mission creation only)

I can add missions without resetting the entire galaxy. It might create problems with the % completion percentage, but it’s doable.


Oh yeah, it worked, thanks. It doesn’t detect my ZL, ZR (L2 or R2 for those non-nintendo players) but I’m fine with the normal L & R


Wings and legs textures of Sweater Chicken, Magnetic Manipulator, and Feather Brain can only twitch when damaging it. But the body and head textures do not twitch like other bosses such as Regular Big Chicken, Super-Chick, Infini-Chick, Military Chicken, Party Chicken, Thundercluck and Dr. Beaker.

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So… I’ve just started wondering something. How about changing the Squawk Block bosses’ current boss theme (CIU Boss Theme 2) to CI2 Victory Theme (also used as a boss theme in CI2U)? Here are my reasons why:

  • To make CI2 Victory Theme useful in CIU (outside of CI2U) if we count out the music tracks from the Galactic Store.

  • CI2 Victory Theme, in my opinion, seems to fit the Squawk Block bosses while fighting them. Even though the theme is way too long for those bosses, I don’t mind.

  • It would improve the balance between the CIU Boss Theme 1 and 2 music tracks in CIU. After all… you know… only 3 bosses play CIU Boss Theme 1 while way more than that use CIU Boss Theme 2.

So, should the Squawk Block bosses play CI2 Victory Theme instead of CIU Boss Theme 2?

  • Yes!
  • No!
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If it means making Chilli less common, I’m for it. I don’t dislike the theme, but it’s certainly overused.