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Detect what in-game settings are being used and put a little icon or make separate leaderboards for controller types. Let’s say you play with touch controls on a Windows tablet, so since your input settings are touchscreen input, you would be put in the leaderboards with the iOS/Android players. I assume kb&m and controllers could be done that way too

That does not solve android emulators, as they can easily emulate touch.

an implementation of device check might be able to do that

Pretty sure this is bypassable.

Check this

Already fixed:

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Maybe I’m asking too much, but would it be possible to have S Pen support for the game? My Galaxy Tab S7 comes with a stylus that I could use for more precision in movement. But, when I use the stylus, I can’t press anything else on the screen (I use Touch movement and I don’t want to wear down the S Pen by constantly tapping on the screen). So, if the game can detect the S Pen in use, it can probably allow fingers to tap on the screen or even use the button on the S Pen to fire satellites or a special weapon.


im boutta game so hard rn

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…You can just play the Steam version instead of wasting your time doing this.


yeah i got that
but playing on bluestacks is better (its laggy and stupid)


We’ve installed an android version on my brother’s phone and we seem to have found the way to cause the cursor appearing issue. It happens “whenever it wants” after we change touch controls from defaults (auto fire, right side) to onscreen button, left side. Right after we change it and go back there is a small chance of the cursor appearing on top of random UI button. That may happen in one of the settings screens, it may happen on the title screen, we haven’t figured out more from this. The phone model is too unusual to remember, so I’ll look it up later if it’s necessary. The only thing I know at the moment is that it’s android 11 and there was nothing connected via OTG/Bluetooth to cause this (well, aside from the charging cable that was connected to the charger).

Perhaps a fair note that I can’t reproduce this on my own realme 8 pro in the same conditions, being on android 12.

great game

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I just deal with touch input. I would have thought the S Pen emulates touch, but I suppose that it’s possible it emulates mouse instead?

While the S Pen is making contact with the screen, can you use one of your other fingers to e.g. pinch-zoom the galaxy, or fire the missile?

There’s only one* place in the code that might cause the pointer to appear, and that is if a keyboard key is pressed (Except the three main “back”, “menu”, and “home” buttons). On older versions of Android, this includes soft (on-screen) keyboards. The pointer disappears again at the first touch.

Anyway, to avoid this I’ve completely disabled the pointer for now.

* Two, actually: Also if arrow keys or ENTER are used to navigate menus


If the S Pen is away from the screen from a certain distance, I can use my fingers to do any other motion/activity. When the S Pen is close enough to the screen (usually shown with a small circle to show where the tip is), that takes priority and I can’t use my fingers for anything.

So it is acting as a mouse. I can’t do anything to change/fix that, I’m afraid.


So there is this weird bug in android v122 where if I try to join a multiplayer game that is paused it automatically kicks me out (once i join it says keep pressing to leave game) even though i am pretty sure i am not pressing the exit button ,I tried logging in and off but nothing changed.

Its fine, I won’t press on this topic.

that doesn’t happen on my redmi

In Android:can you change stay on screen opened when I click on Screenshot

(because I don’t want set a sleep screen forever on my settings system it might be a drain battery much)

Huh. This sounds like a hardware problem, but please test again with v.123 and let me know

No. I never suspend device sleep in CIU (because you’re always playing, never watching cutscenes).