CIU version 138 BETA

Allowed. I can’t widen the background any further without spilling onto an additional texture.


Again, just like the first beta I was in, this doesn’t apply to me.

I suggest:

  • Boulders which collidable should be more solider. (a.k.a. more visible).
  • Boulders which not collidable should be more transparent. (a.k.a. less visible).
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don’t mind if you share

Well, I still can’t get them to appear even though I have them enabled in the options, and I’m able to see every other quip like the boss quips or the Chapter 11 quips

Most of the planetary boss are fine, but the only one i want to complain is “Terror from the Deep” (with SSH).

Yeah, this boss has to be the hardest Planetary boss i ever face. Due to fast firerate bullets and how tough the useless jellyfish are, the entire bossfight just depend on RNG (dodging bullet are easy, but these jellyfish will squeeze you to death).

My solution: nerf the useless jellyfish’s health (probally around 20% or so).

or make it wait till the jellyfishes leave before starting on its bullet spam

In v138.4 I moved a couple of boulders in front to make them more visible against the water caustics, and correspondingly moved some boulders behind seaweed to signify it’s not collidable.


Ah, I see now. They only have a 25% probability to appear in CIU. Fixed in v.138.5 :medal_sports: Bug


i just realized that i can’t come back to the first wave (wave 1) of CI5 by using this. Are there some reasons about that?

Probably to prevent cancelling the mission (not surrendering) after playing tons of waves then going back to wave 1 which may potentially cause more severe issues. It’s a beta-exclusive feature so there’s no need in fixing it.
This is just my guess, iA always has the final say.

Something went wrong!
I expected when finishing wave 41, going to wave 42, i press 1 then it will move back to wave 41
Reality: it turns back to the wave 40 when its finished?

Moving to wave a1 (where a is a digit greater than 0) means finishing the previous chapter. (This must have been hard-coded in a way that these things are deemed as one action)
There’s no chapter before chapter 1 so that could also explain why you cannot go back to wave 1.

I thought it will came back,
I just made a test recently, i finished the wave 42, next is wave 43, try to press 1 again, it still came back like Wave 40 completed :upside_down_face:

How about Chapter 8? I see some of these frozen rocks/boulders although collidable, they are slightly transparent.

Yes, but it’s technical and boring. Officially: It’s only a debug feature, don’t expect it to work 100% reliably.

That’s a technical necessity. See above.


After playing through CI5 with SSH, it feels like combining the health multiplier with the added health through the difficulty bonus might be too much. SSH itself has a 3x health multiplier, but enemies with health ramp ups end up being 4 times stronger on average. Early chapters are affected disproportionately with first chapter chickens getting 10 to 17 times stronger, taking 8 hypergun shots each.


Flying with a bomber (+1 fp advantage) doesn’t have much of a difference in early chapter health ramping’s absurdity.

Well, episodes flashback, but worse :face_with_open_eyes_and_hand_over_mouth:

almost “fun” as CI3 ssh with 3 players doing nothing

iA might have disabled translation in beta.
I cannot type a thing :clown_face: though I’ve found some notable untranslated content regarding S05 imo.