Early Access version 72

“Each upgradeable to 11 levels (plus a secret 12th)”


oh, ok

actually, only 14 of the 15 weapons have 11 power levels + a secret 12th.

iA, what of making shockwave capacitors deal more damage to “metal” enemies, since other special weapons don’t damage them much, this would give them a special niche in the equipment roster for epic waves, clearing out a small area of stronger chickens, instead of being an awful special weapon that one should never buy.


Not entirely true.

  1. Absolver doesn’t have a :zap:20.

does it mean that letters will work correct now?
ش‌ر‌ط‌ی will be شرطی?
sorry for speaking with another language

can henperor’s negative laser routing appear in 30% and UP?

It doesn’t jump. It’s gradual.

I’m uncertain how much of a problem that actually is, but ok. Changed in v.73

In order to do that, I’d have to make metal enemies weak to electric damage, which would unfortunately include the Fryer.

Instead, I’ve increased the damage +50% and also made it circumvent the max-damage-per-hit certain enemies have, which should make it much more effective against Chickenauts, Slobs, Armored, Chaingun/Lasergun, Barriers, and certain bosses.

I did the same for Poultry Payback, and I’m also considering other kinds of shockwaves:

Which of these shockwaves should circumvent max-damage-per-hit (as explained above)? You can select multiple options.
  • Bird-flu Gun
  • ICBM
  • Poultry Payback
  • Bomb
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They should, but report any problems.

That could be confusing. It’s more important to behave consistently.


I meant it fires 2 times from 70% or 75% difficulty to 99% difficulty instead of jumping from firing 0 times to firing 4 times at once.

Yes, it already does that. That’s what I mean by “gradual”.


Oh, ok, sorry I misunderstood. Egg Cannon is from 35% to 47% difficulty, shouldn’t it have 2
attack stages instead of one?

No, two attacks is 50% to 60%


Oh, I thought it is from 21% to 40% because I suggested before that +1 attack stage gets added every 20% difficulty but you said it already does that:

If you accept it, that way stages ordering will have more distance of appearing instead of only 10% as you mentioned above:

Because one stage of attacks until 50% is just too easy.

Oops! I just realised that Egg Cannon doesn’t appear from 0% difficulty. What difficulty doesn’t it start appearing from then?

Could you add messages saying “Please wait.” at image ? And add a message saying that you reached the end of the list when clicking image or image

At Heavy Metal wave when trying to get its pecking order you have to wait for the barriers to spin a while spin slowly again, how about you reverse the pecking order? So it be less boring to get.

IA, why when mounting the satellites on a fighter with 4 slots (encountered on a Muller M404), the top satellite slots place the satellite on the furthest satellite slot of the ship in-game?

I haven’t checked the BX-8 and Muller M408, though, since I don’t have them. BX-9 is unaffected.

Isn’t it supposed to mount them close to the spacecraft?

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So you want to make it even harder? That is kinda unfair

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Already reported by @GoldenBoss128
See: Early Access version 69 - #80 by SA-GoldenBoss128

Do you like it that Egg Cannon throws only chickens at 50% difficulty? It should have 2 or 3 stages at 50% not just one. 50% is the middle of the difficulty, so it should be medium not easy.


Actually, it has already 2 attacks before 50%, when I do dares in below 50% and the egg cannon is the boss, it already has two attack patterns. I don’t know in regular missions.

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Okay… why iA said that then:

Thanks for informing anyway, let’s wait for his reply.

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Look, EC is balanced as is. Please don’t wreck the difficulty scaling.


When we choose leaving orbit, the CIU theme (intense) triggered and play loop of that (only leave and stay there)
Can u change that detail into ambient one?

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