CIU version 132

I thought accounts that previously did white hatcking got whitelisted, especially when I was corrupting some stuff, but only ended up with otherside closed connection instead being banned

No, whitelisting is not automatic. You need to explicitly apply for it.


Wait you can cheat now lol?
I’m confused.

Ilfireli is considered a whitelisted cheater (a person who does cheat and reports it to IA to improve the anti-cheat). That guy got banned from CIU despite being whitelisted from being banned

So, it’s some sort of bug exterminator or white-hat hacker? :thinking:

Yeah and got ironically banned because of said anti-cheat

In a few cases, however, people actually played on regular PCs/laptops (not rooted, not hacked, not maliciously modified, etc.) but got banned due to either instability in the game programming or instability of the CPU and OS.

This is what we called “false ban”.

I’ll make things more clear.

No. Never cheat.
I simply happen to have met these requirements in Early access phase

Having the server crashing many times or doing weird stuff.

You can check this topic which contains one of my favorite cheats, which includes some details about my past

I wasn’t whitelisted in the first place, I only thought of that. The server simply doesn’t know I’m a good person.

This exists, but I was actually cheating, and I got banned because of that lol.

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Welp at least you are now i hope.

With the official soundtrack being released, maybe the descriptions for the BGMs in game could be updated to show the track’s name? I know that Chilli Wings is shown on its description in game.


idk when did this happened, but from now both forum and the game becomes normal :\

ah time go get back to game, i noticed that last 5 versions are only anticheat stuff

In preparation for tomorrow’s update, I’m currently running a BETA server if anyone wants to join

Download the game from: No longer available

:information_source: If you can’t connect, then launch the game using the provided use_this_if_you_cant_connect shortcut.

You can link your existing account that you normally use. Progress on the BETA server is completely separate from the LIVE server. It’s based on a database snapshot when v.132 was released, so your progress will be rolled back slightly (when compared to your live account).

Server will be up for a few more hours. I will notify when I take it off-line.

Server is now off-line.



v.133 UPDATE

ETA Monday 20 Mar 2023 08:00-10:00 GMT


What will it be used for?

Just to discover bugs early so that I don’t have to issue emergency patches/fixes tomorrow (like I had last time).


BETA server is now off-line.

  1. Definitely playing Squawk Block will get less keys, I know that small enemies rarely appear yellow light for keys, as well as playing Feather Fields. But need to drop 1/2/3 keys at the end of each wave depending on the difficulty like Comet Chase, Supernova, Feather Fields, Meteor Storm, Retro Invader. And the boss wave too.

  2. I’m talking about Retro Invader, can the “Base multiplier” be 0% (previously 50%)?


Squawk block is one of the most exploited parts of the game due to its simplicity and predictability, so no keys.

You need to poll this.