Early Access version 121

is happen here too


Pretty sure it doesn’t since i only replace some textures, sound effect and music.
Even if i changed back to original, it still happend


Changing the spacecraft name takes 75 keys to me, not 15, and that was on a fresh account made few days ago (I clearly remember that because I wanted to name the spacecraft and changed my mind immediately when I saw the price).


fact: I didn’t mount any cuisines :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Ah, I see now. Bug. Fixed in v.122 :medal_sports: Bug

Price reduced in v.122 :medal_sports: Idea

Ah, ok. When you join, the cuisine of any food already on the screen has already been decided by the host. Only new food items will be determined by your own cuisines. Acknowledged, won’t fix.


And renaming Color Themes did set now 30 too @InterAction_studios?

My time zone is currently GMT -4, due to DST (its -5 otherwise).

No, that’s still 15.

Your last two logins were (in your local time):

2022-10-23 23:06:46
2022-10-25 01:27:27

So 2022-10-24 is missing.

Although logging in very late at night might still be considered “the same day” for humans, for the game each day ends (and a new one begins) at midnight.


Thanks for the response. It’s a bummer that my streak got broken, but I still play “every day”, so the monthly medal isn’t a big deal to me.

Anyways, shouldn’t that be a bit more cheaper? Like 1 key?
No one except you can see it, and it’s pretty much like naming your favorite mission, which is 1 key.

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Ok, changed in v.122 :medal_sports: Idea


Why not? You literally changed the start screen (the one that opens in a small window before the game changes to full screen) to red in the valentine edition.

🗨 Chatting place - #30979 IA take care of this!

You’d be better of just reposting that here because it’s going to get deleted in chatting place.

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What the… I never seen a ad of chicken invaders before the fk look THE game steals from our game CI4

@InterAction_studios will act with this also anyone report about this fake ass (game).


This game has been reported before, but DMCA doesn’t allow me to do so.


“Splat!” wave: Can there be a smaller danger zone for the yolk?

Dorma… IA, I’ve come to bargain.
Key rewards for medals

9 days passed. Nothing new in discussion. There were just 3 suggestions for reward change that I mostly agree with. And also making a new category for it.

Here are the results of the poll for now:
29 is not a big number, but there is literally 0 votes for no.


if this in next updata it well be good nine :+1: