CIU version 134

wait, I was joking actually, I forgot to mention that

I did, nothing happened.

i do not know, i am not vietnam

also idk what i did but while in multiplayer and used chat, i accidentally closed keyboard but overlay was still there, i could not do anything

I’ve reported this player, so yeah, no more concern :wink:

@InterAction_studios you can send empty spaces in chat

also suggestion: add some icon or whatever next to name of host of multiplayer match



changes we will see in roughly a year from now, no big deal

Ok, I can’t reproduce this, but theoretically there is an edge case which might trigger this behaviour. Fixed in v.135 :medal_sports: Bug

Ok, so?

You mean in the in-mission scoreboard? The host is always the first player.

I guess you’ll need to wait until Easter 2024


is it possible to play on android using Mouse

If you’d like to torture yourself then sure. Android version doesn’t support the mouse the way it does on computers.

so answer is no

The answer is “yes, but you shouldn’t”.


If you’re curious why you shouldn’t:

yeah i guessed, it works like touch

@InterAction_studios why not 99.9%

Particle from this task is 0.13%. (I calculated just in case)


Wow tulen đặc cầu, Ngl but i dont like this callsign name :slight_smile:

In my opinion, this callsign isn’t necessary to be noticed. It’s a “trend” from any players who play “Arena of Valor” game, and Tulen is the name of a Hero in that game. So it isn’t an inappropriate callsign.

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You may need to pay attention to the word “Đặc Cầu”. It’s an reversed written of swearing word, which u may already know. Even if its a trend, it still inappropriate with its own meaning.
That player was warned anyway, so skip it for now, guys.