Early Access version 62

This one was supposed to be the top-10 of the previous competition, but since there is no previous one it’s empty.

And this one is just daily messages that shows top-10 players’ progresses, so that’s why it doesn’t have any rewards.

i was playing a mission i fight with a boss that is from CI3 in a boss rush then another boss came (it was from CI3) the music still played between this two waves (they was U.C.O.)

Because Of This
In Version 61.2


Added to v.63 :medal_sports: Idea

I’m not currently tracking stats “per mission type”, so that would be a lot of work. But an aggregate X/Y missions won is much easier, so I’ve added that instead :medal_sports: Idea


can you please read this if it is possible IA ?

what about “completed waves”?

Why would we need that

Pain Completed Waves?
Why Would We Need That
That Would Just Reveal All The Waves If You Haven’t Tried The Mission Yet (Unless It Would Be Better That It All The Waves Are Hidden If You Didn’t Complete The Mission Yet)

Read this for why you shouldn’t link posts like that.




I don’t want to be THAT guy but since we are getting a “missions won” stat I think a reward for it should be given.

It’s the most tryharding thing in the game and it deserves to be treated as such


Let’s be serious… You and me will never attempt this but someone yes… it’s inevitable.
That madman that will do it should get a reward for loving the game/wasting all its life


@InterAction_studios at Twice Infinity the 1st boss at Weekly Challenge I noticed a bug: when you kill one of them at the end of their spinning circle at the beginning the other one starts its 360o, repeats it and starts a new spin. I know its a new feature:

But should it start spinning again? There should be a one spin at the beginning if I’m correct.

To do this just kill one of them just before they end their circled spin and you’ll notice that the other one will repeat the spin with lots of 360o attack.

Also if I played Weekly Challenge/Ironman during midnight, it will count at tomorrow’s midnight daily message, right?

But long 360 attack is cool.

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I, if I remember correctly, reported this first:

This “initial appearance” type of enragement (during the initial spin) doesn’t affect nor interrupt the current movement – it just modifies the firing pattern. If an Infinichick becomes enraged while it’s spinning, it will continue to the end of its spin. So it’s not really a question of “start spinning again”, because it never stopped spinning in the first place.

It doesn’t matter when you start the mission, it only matters when you finish it. If you start a mission on Wednesday 23:50 and finish on Thursday 00:10, then it will be counted in Thursday, which means it will appear in the progress message which is sent at the end of Thursday (24 hours later).


Isn’t it kinda exploitable?


IA, See the overdrive symbol? It is lit even when I haven’t started playing.

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Perfect :clap: frame :clap: pause :clap:

Probably the cost of simpler implementation. It doesn’t affect gameplay anyway.


Why this still here?