Early Access version 56

why are the soundtracks so good

Because second one is stolen from rayman 3.
(and first one was made as joke long time ago, then got modified)

I’ve one at the 9th stage of this Weekly Challenge!


Yeah, I’m happy I’ve seen it, it looks like I called it

  • :bulb: Tutorial mission: Replaced “Soft in the middle” wave with “Amphitheatrics”

Why not this?


I still think Soft in the Middle for the tutorial mission should be changed to Pulsating Grid.

It would make the player feel a lot more intimidated, and may resort to using a missile.

Amphitheatrics is not really scary enough to make the player middle click in panic.


Where is classic invasion in tutorial

Seems like it released earlier


Wonder how it’s gonna work


Wow, I didn’t expect him to release it this early

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  • :new: Added account system. Main menu “Accounts” button now works.



Now I can finally sync my actual main account that I haven’t touched in like an year yessssssss

You can’t buy the game yet, so…

well shit

Our Bad luck :///


That’s certainly possible – with a probability of approx. 3%.

That would make it too convenient to only own one set.

It’s debatable whether “more” special weapons is actually “better” or not. I think it’s fine the way it is.

Unsure about this. Isn’t your paintjob something unique and personal? How would you feel if someone could copy it without any effort?

This idea (as well as other player-to-player market buy/sell ideas) have merit… but require significant effort to implement. On the list.

The message saying your medal is awarded is generated when you log in (so it has that date). But it could refer to many days/weeks/months before (if you haven’t logged in for a long while)

The last kicks for you due to cheating/modding were back in July. This one looks like a (temporary) network fault. It happens. :man_shrugging:

In both variations, bubbles first disappear after 5 seconds. It just looks different because the wobbling is asymmetrical (as we established previously: Early Access version 56 - #180 by InterAction_studios)

Fixed in v.57 :medal_sports: Bug

The medal is per stage, not per wave. If the stage spawns enough coins, then the medal becomes attainable. “Nasty Surprise” spawns coins, so I don’t see where the problem is.

Because they are already entering/exiting the black holes even before the wave starts (you just can’t see them). If you fire immediately, what you see as the first enemy is probably not the first one (the first one has already teleported through the black hole)

That’s way too harsh for a first mission.


Actually someone copied my paintjob & gabytzu’s. I don’t remember his callsign name. I know it has the word “Ultimate” in it. So that’s why I suggest this, to make easier only since people still copy paintjobs.

Yea, sorry about that, it’s just confusing because of how small it is comparing to stage medals.

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That’s because it started off as a wave medal. I’ve made it bigger now.

Changed in v.57 :medal_sports: Idea