CIU version 137

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It’s mad at you for killing its twin!

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And In Fact He And He’s Twin Are Died I Killed Them They Are At heaven now :smirk:

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I think he’s talking about that the chick despawned before totaly leave the screen

@InterAction_studios Can you add “Party Like It’s 2002” to Seasonal content?
The experience of CIU in the shape and image of old games gives a good feeling that I personally like to experience it many times. Along with the rest of the themes, this option can also be activated so that we can have this texture despite the selection of seasonal contents (Halloween, Easter, etc.).

I know “Retro Invaders” wave has been removed “Clean sweep” bonus in v82.2. But retro enemies still can escape like Squawk Block, the problem is that the enemy disappearing suddenly has not left the screen, especially is “Retro Invaders - Immediately/Advanced Loop”. Take a look at the retro (monster variant). At 0:53

In fact some ciu player are kids and the blood not based on them

It’s juuust ketchup

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i think broken eyes is better than broken head


@InterAction_studios So. The thanksgiving from all big chickens/turkey no eyes into player [eyes much default] (why because from beta).

yeah i already told him about it.

iA was said in v123:

iA when will you fix wormhole visual bug?
(when the wormhole is near the corner of the screen, it goes like to 1d
and when zoom it to a maximum and sometimes you see a part of it disappears)

I think it should be better if the blackholes in a mission have their season content. The default is Blue, so we can change it to:
-Easter: Change to pink
-Thanksgiving: Change to orange
-Halloween: Change to green
-Chrismas: Change to red

I think the default is better than the black hole color depending on the season, buddy. Even the effect of making the black hole vanished.

But it’s very weird if we see those blackhole are blue though where they appear in anywhere.

Example: All Background in Halloween edition are become green, but the blackhole still its blue color. You can also note 1 thing that: In CI4, when the main character leave “the lost galaxy”, you can see that the blackhole in the story is green. Then, when the main character reach another galaxy, the red blackhole are opened to locate the main character in there.

So… color theme for the blackhole in the mission for each season content isn’t a problem.

The blackhole in Chicken Invaders Episodes can only use colors depending on the background. But in CI5 if you change the background image to CI1/ CI2/ CI3/ CI4, the black hole’s cannot follow the color. CI5, CI5 Xmas are always blue, and CI5 halloween is green. The color of the black hole has nothing to do with seasonal content. It’s also not certain that it will depend on the hot and frozen environment.

Hey iA. im pressing disconnect but failed was unknown from connection so won’t fix until bug.

Actually, it’s as same as CIU nowaday, because you are changing the background in default version, so the blackhole’s theme isn’t changed is right. And… As you said, Blackhole in CI5 Halloween/Xmas is green/blue, which have been themed due to the season content of CI5, it still keep the green/blue when you change the background.
I think you have wrong mind for a little :sweat_smile: Just look at CI5 Halloween as you said, it’s changed to green because of Halloween content. So it isn’t a problem when the blackhole can be themed in CIU due to season content.

Ohh, i didn’t notice the blackhole in Hot or Frozen environment, i think we can discuss about this later, because the blue is the default color of Blackhole in CIU (which no any season content).