CIU version 138 BETA

Please check your messages

That you die on rocks on an underwater mission, is that the idea?

Now the CI5 mission codename (and only that one) disappears abruptly in pro gamer mode

Found some more exposed areas (only through a missile screen shake) at the water chapter’s boss and on wave 58

Are the quips for the Henperor’s Apprentice changing gravity present? They didn’t appear for me

The proximity egg chickens are still there, they only seem to appear on wave 106 which has UFO chickens in eggs (EDIT: I think this applies to all planet chapters where UFO chickens appear)

Screen shake from the alien container in chapter 11 reveals the area outside the background


This is caused by a stale translation (extra phrases were added in v.138.3). Browse to C:\ProgramData\InterAction studios\CIU\beta\138 and delete any files that start with CIU.language. Then, run the game again.


Problem solved!

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Can you give me a medal too?

When joining a multiplayer game during a cutscene, the game crashes.

Same problem when my Russian friend tried to join.


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SERIOUSLY!? i translating and then…after i clicking exit.

happened to me 2-3 times.

Hey ia. If i first who told about ciu summer event idea, then where is my medal?

Ok, but only because @Sammarald’s post was heavily edited and I don’t know who reported this first.

Fixed in v.138.4 :medal_sports: Bug

I don’t know what the problem is (I don’t see a crash report for you). Where you translating while in the galaxy, or during the CI5 mission?

In any case, you should NOT edit translations during the BETA because all your work will be eventually lost.

Medals are awarded when bugs are actually fixed or ideas actually implemented.


Should the planet bosses also have speed/attack buffs based on difficulty? Since the other bosses (except for first two Henterprise encounters) inherited them from regular CIU missions

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I noticed that the starting weapon in CI5 mission is still not Hypergun level 0 in v138.3, even though it should be in v138.3.

delete .language file make it work again

Do this

Try to update visual C++

latest version
the problem is the language file
thx for helping

Here’s a screenshot from CI5. At the bottom you can see advice about dangerous places. This advice should also be in the CIU

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look like an instant death when try to skip to environmental mission