Early Access version 60

Pretty sure iA already said it, which is why we know what it is

And you probably just pinged 7 people for nothing

At least the pinging here isn’t as bad as Discord pings though


@Enhawk /s

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For the sake of everyone, stop giving people strokes every time you go off-topic/say stuff without even a tiny bit of logic


I didn’t understand
What does it mean?

Oh so excited about this

You’ll see it when it comes, and no, not one of your horrible photoshops were used as the change.

The aforementioned NPC was based on this idea: The idea of Galaxy- and Ambient Events

Mighty suspicious link you’ve got there

Edit: Totally a rickroll


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Because this particular exhaust uses “additive blending”, where black is invisible.

Purchases on each platform will use that platform’s official payment method. Steam and PC (i.e., direct download from IA website) are considered different platforms. Steam will therefore use Steam store.

The fact that purchasing on one platform also unlocks all other platforms doesn’t implicate the payment system at all.


IA please read this and this

That Bug Was Back From CI3 And Can’t Be Fixed (Said This Twice)

Please no and we don’t want feather fields to have ci3 and ci5 victory music which is why this wave only uses ci4 victory music

So why metor storm uses CI5 victory?

And You Can Just Use Victory Music In Mission Config For Feather Field

The Boss Use CI5 Victory Music Not The Entire Meteor Storm

Because ci4 victory theme is more fitting on feather fields

I said metor storm not feather fields

Ok then…