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Could there like, be an animation of all the keys gathering up after a mission? It’s more satisfying Imo.
Totally not a selfish reason


Should we add a leaderboard of the top scorers after each day of qualifying in the Galactic Cup?

I think a notification should be considered for Galactic Cup, as the league has (Or in events). Most players weren’t notify and/or forgot this challenge. This number is small for next phase.

Fixed in v.87 :medal_sports: Bug

You disconnected (or got disconnected, e.g. due to a server reboot or a network problem) more times than allowed.

Good idea, but cosmetic so low-priority.

A leaderboard serves no purpose. During this phase, the game doesn’t even know many players will be admitted to the next phase (the number of groups and size of each group is dynamically worked out afterwards)

The notification wasn’t sent this time, but next cups will have one.

Also, 186 is not a small number. In fact, it’s larger than I expected and I’ll have to make more room in the screens to fit all the matches. The maximum players to advance in the next phase is 256 anyway.


Item Description:
We’re secretly ripping you off.

Also, this item should just cost 1 key (or 20 keys if that’s a little better) considering it’s literally the default background for this game to begin with, and there are only two situations where you won’t see it. (Retro and Anniversary)

Going to slap this here so it does not become forgotten: Early Access version 85.3 - #272 by OneWingLunarian

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Well, maybe remove it like OneWingLunarian said because it is very very hard to get.

I wanted to solve this situation:

So the effect shouldn’t be blue, because there is no hot blue planets(I’m talking about the blue effect on-top):

But Gatling/Laserguns’ pecking order didn’t include barriers in it, only the Alien Container pecking order did, so please return it.

we can add health bar to double team if equip enemy health HUB because only Infichick has health bar i see boss with 2 or more enemies has health bar. I think it’s a good idea to add health bars on double team
i use Google translate because my English is very bad, so my grammar may be wrong

Aready suggected and this is what he said:

Well, big chicken and Infi-chicken are available the health bar because the amount of they (Big chicken from 2 to 6 boss and 2 Infi-chicken will available to the HUD health bar). That’s why you can see the health bar.


iA, can you make a random very rare egg that when it drops on the bottom it makes 2 yolks

there is already

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I think the icon “I” on the book (Explain) need to change it to “E”

But i is used for information.


I have a problem and I don’t think that is a keyboard problem!!! 100% IS NOT… :grinning: it does’t work the pause menu no one of the 2 buttons p or esc when you fly a mission!!!

wierd I restart the game and now work the pause menu

Huh? The blue is inherited from the star system’s sun color – the planet color is unrelated.

I can turn it on/off per wave, not per individual enemies. The barriers were causing a problem, so it was removed.

It’s not. The space allocated to the icon is square:


Did I just barely miss the galactic cup after doing the qualification mission or am I waiting for a new group? Also, if a cup has started already, I do not think you should be able to do the qualifying mission.

Also also, was 16:10 support taken away? I don’t remember having black bars on top and bottom when playing the game a few months ago.

Alright I found the answer to the second question myself (Man I haven’t played for that long!?). Looking back at old footage I now also realized it was a bit stretched but I actually never noticed that much. I still think it should be a toggle (Though I suppose for recording I could just cut out the black bars and end up with 16:9 footage which is also more firendly for youtube), or perhaps if reasources can be spared, have 16:10 support. I think it’d only need menu adjustments and in gameplay, since it’s only the height of the screen changing, the bottom of the screen (The ship barrier and egg breaking) could be placed higher to compensate, though I’m not sure how odd that could end up being.
I think the most elegant solution would be to have a toggle, where the letterboxing is also visually overhauled (BTD6 is a good example of it, where it’s not just ugly black bars and it feels as part of the UI, only being present in gameplay as well and not in menus where more screen space is just better)

(Apologies for the clickbait circle to show what I mean)


Either you finish qualification too late (maybe start before, but finish after) or you are not in the top 256.

This isn’t stated in-game: Like other daily missions, each mission in the Group phase can only be flown once. Only 2 out of 16 players in each group will go to the finals.


Should we add a feature that shows the score of the person who fought with us in the group stage of the Galactic Cup?

And why would it be necessary? :smirk:

iA, if someone :wink: was to win the first cup, and the Galactic Cup medal is not going to be in-game yet, will you manually assign it once it’s added?