2 bugs (different)

BUG 1 :
I joined a multiplayer game and host of that multiplayer game was using “sweets cusine” , when I join him , I saw that food which was already dropped before i join , was in form in sweets instead of in burger cusine ( I was not using any cusine ).

BUG 2 :
satellite : B.B.Q see this photo (maybe you will understand )

check the flame , it is below satellite

If i m wrong , tell me . I found bug # 2 from pot luck mission . i also noticed in other missions , sometimes flames get in wrong position and sometimes it get in good position.


i only get BUG:1

                                                                                                             but i dont get BUG:2

may be my system problem or you cannot notice ?

Known. Your own cuisine does not affect already-existing food when you join.

Fixed in v.138 :medal_sports: Bug


May be this is also bug , i want to post a video to tell easily , but … maybe i can tell without making video.
bug : the music gone by travelling through wormhole .
travel through worm hole , then you can’t hear music and then quickly open mission config and play any music from mission config until your spaceship successfully come out from wormhole , then go back , and you can’t hear music .

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