CIU version 139

Since most (if not eveyone) didn’t like the special weapon throttling idea, should we revert the feature back to what it used to be?

Your opinion on special weapon throttling?
  • I don’t want this, revert it back to what it used to be
  • I want this but decrease the cool down (6 uses/2s)
  • I want this but with exceptions of Dimensional Phase-Outs and Damage Amplifiers
  • Keep it as it is (4 uses/3s)
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I find VanVy’s proposal reasonable. But I think just reducing the ICBM’s explosion effect in multiplayer mode is enough

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i just notice wave Binary Scream bounce chicken disappear on top screen

I still think it’s impractical to implement a feature in one way in single, but another way in multi.
It would be too much of a hassle for iA, while disabling it altogether as long as low graphics is used takes way less time.

Since red flares have been added to gun barriers when they shoot bullets in “Shoot the Core!” wave, could you also add red flares to gun barriers when they shoot bullets in “Panzer Strike” and “Chicken Highway” waves too?

They added

Oh, wasn’t aware, as the changelog is very long for me to notice.


Random thought, but what if the Accumulator bar had an alert sound when it’s fully, or nearly, drained? It’d be like how we hear a beep when we’re close to overheating. The sound can be the MGS Alert/Exclamation sound.

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I noticed that “Mass Condenser” still countdown when you hit the “undamaged target” enemy (like indestructive barrier, UCO’s hands, Crab’s hands, etc…) directly by your spaceship.

Before hitting directly:

After hitting directly:

They should not be counted down


I think they should.



v.140 UPDATE

ETA Saturday 25 November 2023 08:00-10:00 GMT



I wish to be an translator official :pray:

I just activated a Phase-out, only for it to get wasted after I die to an assasin chick. It’s possible that these events occurred on the same frame.

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Why do you think that they should be like that?

Mass Condenser provides a potential benefit when you crash into anything. It’s your job to crash into the right thing. What if you crash into a chick, would you say that the Mass Condenser should not be expended because the chick would die anyway even without a Mass Condenser?


To be honest, this started off as a rendering error, but what the hey…

Should CI2 sarge chicken have teeth?
  • With teeth
  • Without teeth
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Are birds supposed to have teeth?
I guess people really prefer a rendering error over science just because it’s more faithful to the original.

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Realistically, chickens don’t need/have teeth. But who cares? This is fiction!


We have had the science discussion before, it’s barely applicable in this series.


funny chicken shooting game needs no realism

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