Early Access version 46

Yes, that is true, on top of not dealing damage to any enemy behind the front-most one.


how about making enemy projectiles show up above the HUD elements and your satellites ?

Also, can you add a liiittle equipment perk to keys if you equip the Moron Railgun and keep it for the rest of the mission?

No, it’s not. The flame carries on, but only the first/nearest target actually takes any damage.

“Inverting laterally” is the same as mirroring. Do you mean “inverting vertically” (a.k.a. flipping)? In any case, all waves where this would make a significant difference already offer this. I don’t want to go edit 100+ waves just to add vertical flipping, especially since that’s significantly more disorienting.

The Yolk-Star doesn’t move (if you’re talking about the ray-guns, these still move randomly. As for the rest, it’s only fixed per-mission (so all players see the same movement on a particular mission). If you encounter it on a different mission, then the movement will also be different.

Intentional, because it means you always know which way they go during your last chance to kill them.

Waves can’t have different names depending on their placement in the mission.

Sorry – will award during the next update.


Well, there’s currently no “weapon virtuosity” for keys support, but I’ve added a +25% score boost. It’ll might need to be reduced, but let’s see how much it affects things first.

:medal_sports: Idea


Maybe you could add it too, then, or if you want, I can go make a poll.


this goes in Known bugs & new features


I’d rather not encourage people to have a miserable time just to farm keys. But a poll might shed some more light.


Sorry to barge in in the middle of this conversation, but about these aforementioned retro starfields, I made an attempt to recolor them to save some time for IA and to make it more likely for him to add them :stuck_out_tongue:

I tried to follow the same pattern as the other background types. If necessary, let me know and I’ll upload an archive with the jpegs.

Edit: Since I ran out of time and my PC is absolute garbage so it took me 15 minutes to load stuff, I’ll send them later. Sorry about that. I’ll edit this post or make a new one.

Well, most of the starfields don’t have a green channel, so I can’t see how modulation would achieve the desired result. But be my guest.

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and by the way there’s many other ways to obtain keys :heart:

the game just crash :thinking:
My Files. there’s the crush files find in program data
ps the last think that I did was using the Dimensional Phase-outs

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Desync crash. Most likely this has been fixed by:


in the next update :slightly_smiling_face:…but I lost a life, and the charity was not present!

Maybe you have enough fire-power or it’s above the minimum requirement.

  • . :new: Added “The Strongest Link” wave variation (starts appearing at 80% difficulty) (@Sammarald :medal_sports: Idea)

What is that?

It’s a “harder” version of The Weakest Link.

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They do turn out green, but most of them end up being pretty dark.
From left to right : CI1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and the retro background.
The CI1 and 3 backgrounds are the most usable.


The Weakest Link but with eggs instead of chickens and LV2 barriers

I’m about to send my variants. I used a different method, not curves. I assume that’s why IA warned me. But I know my way around photo editing software :wink:


:bulb: Removed unused “Egg Hurricane” wave variation (“Egg Cyclone” incorporates both variations via mirroring)…
so give “egg hurricane” name to a variation of “egg cyclone”