Early Access version 124

I shall say that the Ignore button should change to “Deny”.
(dont give me medal)


I’m posting this so iA acknowledges this and deletes them.

I’m kind of surprised that I haven’t been sent any of these contact requests


I think you should stop posting images of the guy as he is probably with us in the forum (on an unknown account) because he probably spams these invitations ingame then opens the forum to see you guys post images of him.

You’re making him feel like he has an impact and giving him a reason to spam more invites.

If everyone ignored him and didn’t speak of him he won’t have an idea if anyone checks his invites and he won’t feel like he has an impact on you

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So what’s up with him anyway
Is he stupid or something

Just curious: what happen if someone false report a player? (Example: anti-fan trying to report youtuber)


Yeah, this is not something to be ignored. To IA: we might need to isolate certain players from this option, as we wouldn’t want an algorithm to ban a good player because some random exalted trolls decide to mass-report people. Unless, of course, reports are sent directly to you, but that would require you spending hours analyzing single cases.


It’s not like the player will get banned immediately if he gets reported. The report will go to IA. If it is a false report. Then IA can warn the reporter for it. And the reported player will not get harmed. So I am positive it’s not lacking.

I will post more details about this during the update, however the gist is:

  1. There is a “reputation” system behind this and low-reputation players reporting high-reputation players will not have any effect (and may even get the reporting players themselves banned)

  2. Banning is not automatic, so I manually review and approve reports.



v.125 UPDATE

ETA Friday 9 Dec 2022 08:00-10:00 GMT


Very nice but what about mode CI2 party can we use it or what?

What if bad one use report bottom for bullying this is well be very bad

Pat can report us and we will be banned.

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Why v125?
Isn’t it better to say:

Chicken Invaders Universe v1.0.0.0?

Not possible, because: reports will need to be checked by iA first, it doesn’t automatically, so no false ban will happen

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I guess that’s not the first release.
The one after it will be.

Wait… What?!
Soooo, Why are we celebrating this? Isn’t it too soon?

2002 mode is still the default in v.125


You’ll no longer get early access screen.
That’s it.

hey IA
quick question.

Any plans after the release of CIU? New weapon, boss, spaceship? Planetary missions? Anything that couldn’t get made during Early Access (but why though) ? Little teaser of things to come plz?