CIU version 138 BETA

From this change, only Eggulars Repulsor work if you don’t want to use DPO.
I thought it could be hard, but never thought it could be that hard while giving it a try.

Is it just me or this wave didn’t actually zoom out like before?

Yeah, it was changed.

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how you know bug this v138.3 the hypergun still default at CI5 didn’t cannot start isn’t glitch any weapon
at these from moron look at top-right side
after 3
bug from 3 firepower still not present at 0 firepower
after 4
they was idea so bugged

or just wait for this emergency patch update and not.

Before updating to v138.3 adding boulder collisions, I saw that in wave 34 there was a large boulder that was always the front that could cover the spaceship, that boulder could collide in v138.3, there was no what’s difficult. In wave 37 after killing all the enemies in the tube, the rocks are on the terrain and behind the large seaweed, it’s not worth adding collision to make it easier to pass. If it does add, then it’s difficult without the Dimensional Phase-out and Eggular Repulsor.

Check the boulders that have more collisions with weapons and you will see it right away.

I thought we will start with 0 power Hypergun?

And this too.

I thought this has been fixed when the UFO Chickens spawn the default chicken from CI5, but seem like this isn’t fixed in planetary chapter, right?

i don’t care. i have already mentioned.

In galaxy ciu when I logged in and press ctrl+t and then I translating in 30 second and then I see the main translate theme is changed and I clicked exit like this…

A question about the Pilot Chicken: They have those color clothes in CI5 from defaut game to testing version (from v138 BETA like here). So why iA didn’t add it to CIU before? If possible, can you try to add the color clothes for those Pilot Chickens in CIU mission?

Ah, this is controlled server-side, which I forgot to re-compile.


Taking BETA server off-line for 5 minutes to apply v.138.3

Update: I had to abort compilation. Will fix later.

BETA server is on-line


I’ve founded that hero quips in planetary chapter are not affected by the gameplay settings, isn’t it?

I ACTULLY have a bug. Wanna me to tell (happend to me in 135v

Would like to post an recent topic of mine, feedback appreciated.


oh ok

@InterAction_studios can you add this edits to my idea (CIU Summer Event). Please.

either you message him privately or shut up because this is not the right topic for that

There is a little bug here

Why I can shoot rocks?

Why I die when I touch rocks not ground
please fix this

Pilot Chicken’s clothes in CIU alway is green color so is not necessary add this texture. I’m sure in the source of the CIU.dat file, there is only one texture of the Pilot Chicken’s clothes not more color clothes, the small size image looks lighter than the image with many colors of the Pilot Chicken’s clothes.