Early Access version 119

Nah, forget about it. The change is good, but denying it can be harmful. At least, thanks to them, we can grab the last falling atoms/gifts from breaking the retro bosses, without worrying about the remaining falling retro pieces.

Be thankful. Don’t be upset about it.


I like space race as it is but.

Wouldn’t it be better if there was a chance for space race mission to be replaced with a boss rush or anything other than the same repetitive mission type?

Do you want this?
  • Yes
  • No ( say why if possible )

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He’s hangry.

No other mission has that much of a time differences between players. Boss rushes are very easy and too short, so the time difference would be very small. Regular invasions have enough difficulty and variety for that purpose.

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Mention this “useful thing” to prove this change wasn’t unnecessary.

No. Just found it way unnecessary to wait until everything drops,Aside from win by dying meme, it has no effect.

But you can still get them even without this change?

i think you should read the change a little more carefully


Whoops…, I guess fuck me then. Sorry for that dumb action lol.

Are you sure about that since stuff like Chicken expo, Chicken Multi, Shoot the core, Alien mothership and etc exist and affect the time pretty well.

Shoot the core doesn’t affect the time at all. Barriers are not a requirement for finishing the wave. Multi and exponent are jokes with coolants. Alien mothership is quick if you ignore the stuff that it drops. Dr. Beaker might cause the difference, but eh… Other bosses are quick.

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Well… the barriers are quite troublesome on high diffs.

Two phaseout and the boss takes less than a minute to finish. Not even 20 seconds.

Two phaseouts give 1m penalty.

So, in missions with Massive modifiers in action, there’s no visuals on the borders. I was thinking that there should be a blur visual on the borders, to indicate that its a Massive enviro (logic being that in a Massive enviro, gravity is stronger, making things more heavier/stressed). I know that some will notice the slower ship movement, but this is just for consistency’s sake, as all the other modifiers have their own visuals (Hot has flames, Frozen has frost, etc.).

When it comes to the stars, the Hot visual can take precedence, as I’m not certain that two modifier visuals can exist at once.

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I still don’t see the point behind this, but… Added to v.120 :medal: Idea

Similarly to sorting by difficulty and by duration, in this mode missions are primarily being sorted by type, then by environment. I’m uncertain whether environment should come first, though…

These always go in the bottom effects layer, which can’t be changed (for cosmetic purposes).


I don’t we think we need another third effect to take place in massive environments. Just look at the sun, Flame HUD and the Corona and it’s a clear evidence we don’t need a third visual to it. Would be complicated.

Can you give us an updated version of this :sweat_smile:
would be appreciated.

It’s been only 3 days.


Yeah, 3 short days. Time flies quickly.

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For those who don’t understand. You can configure both the mouse buttons and the keyboard buttons completely, or you can not configure them at all. Screenshots are given as an example.

Is it worth separating satellites into different buttons for a more comfortable game?
  • Yes
  • No

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but what if i have major skill issue