[Solved] Bug - League challenge wave details text missing (v106.2)

See accompanying image, the wave details text is not shown when displaying a league challenge in the v106.2 release.


It’s already fixed in v107


Thanks does not seem to be mentioned on the Known bugs & new features topic.

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Hm, strange… Maybe iA will add it soon then. We’ve just gotta wait pal’

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It already is mentioned, you just have to read the upcoming fixes & new features section since it’s been already fixed, not the known bugs list.


@KnockoffFeline Mate, I referred to the entire topic as a whole not a particular section.
Could you quote the exact text ? I would like to understand the nomenclature nuance that I am missing.

Ugh, it’s literally the third line in the list, but fine. Just please read a little more next time, “mate”.

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Thank you @KnockoffFeline, Appreciated, but please could the snarkiness be avoided.

The verbiage confuses me the reference is to colour (neither foreground colour nor font color is mentioned). Not sure how that’s to be assumed as the corroboration but happy to know that’s its fixed.

As both @4-FX & @KnockoffFeline consider its fixed will anyways be marking the topic as solved.

Please could @InterAction_studios add links within the Known Bugs & new features topic to the individual topics containing the details of the bug that would be nice (in this instance user IdanHoI has been credited with reporting the bug hence assuming there would be a topic created by them)

Anyways thanks.

[useless rant about how this page isn’t actually an faq]

Actually this is supposed to be faq all that time. The one that is pinned was made mainly for real questions that popped out. It doesn’t include the general stuff.

And yes, it’s literally the same as guidelines.

Why would I ask that? Sure, the FAQ and the guidelines may have a few things in common, but they’re not identical. This isn’t even relevant to the point I’ve made. However, please do elaborate on “the general stuff”, if you will.

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It’s already fixed in v107 Easter

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Easter is already past and were currently on May


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