CIU version 134

Yes. It’s a snapshot taken March 27th


ik this was reported but… it still not fit :confused:

Make them join the test server then.
We don’t care about Apple/Google’s progress, do we?

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Fixed in v.136

Yes, that’s what I’m already doing.


before this topic is closed, lemme

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How did you know about this? This person didn’t make any topics, and I don’t think they have the permission to DM you, did you mistakenly ping them?

It was sent to me in a DM in Aug 2021.

Everyone can DM me. Admins/moderators are excluded from DM restrictions.


What are the plans for CIU after the android port is officially released?

Are there any other platforms you’re looking into porting the game to?

epic games store

A content update (waves + bosses), most likely.

Not at present. CIU is unique in this sense (compared to previous episodes). The more platforms, the more painful updating the game becomes. Any platform needs to have support for microtransactions and also have sufficient market share to make the SDK integration effort worth it (generally, payment systems are a pain to integrate).

I don’t think that’s a good fit – EGS mainly focuses on larger productions.


DLC contents: “Add me please!!”
Me: Waiting for DLC CI5 (or planetary mission).


Any plans for planetary missions?

Can you just give it a shot?


Only if I could figure out a way to generate them procedurally without making them totally boring.

A “shot” is not as as simple as it sounds. I’d have to register with Epic, pay their fee, download the SDK, do all the work to integrate their payment SDK, test everything, submit for approval and then hope that (a) it doesn’t get outright rejected as a game and (b) if it gets accepted, it makes enough revenue to be worth the effort and subsequent maintenance costs.

Also, does anyone here use Epic Games Store? Are the updates instant, like Steam?



Good news: Google accepted the game.

Bad news: It’s on the “open testing” track, and I don’t really know what that means. What’s going to happen once I press “publish”? Is it going to be publicly accessible but in an “Early Access” state? And how long will the rollout take? It’s all a mystery.

Tune in tomorrow to find out!



v.135 UPDATE

ETA Sunday 7 May 2023 08:00-10:00 GMT


I don’t use it often, but the games update when I start the launcher



I mean, they are planetary missions. They are going to be boring anyway with the forced camera movement.


Some sort of “Free-Fly” mode would be great for Planetary Missions, and also having some random surprises hidden everywhere, some good and some not so good (in the case of water levels) shooting a rock underwater and boom suddenly there’s a squad of chickens funneling out towards you, or a random Tentacle pops out of nowhere,

Or maybe for Hot Planets there could be some cave levels like Gamma Chthon, and there for example there could be the chance of a shiny golden crystal spawning that when destroyed rewards 15-20 keys.


I thought about adding challenges in planetary missions, which would consist in completing the mission with one spacecraft modification disabled (not counting weapons) or reducing its usefulness by at least half.