Early Access version 69

Can the yellow dot (my location) use the highlight color of theme?

iA, nothing but can balloon chickens weak to metal bullets because pointy stuff

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wonder why areyou hitting the chicken, and only the balloon is poping?

don’t ask the game logic

@InterAction_studios Bug: if you open information overlay druing the max speed, ship disappears. On this picture focus is not lost, camera follows the ship. Windowed mode, max size (in case it’s regarded somehow).

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Could the same be with lightning strikes but with 0.5 secs only?

I have a relevant item in my to-do list: Hide callsign option ("streamer mode"?)

But that’s only for in-game information. You’re asking about the “accounts” screen (before you log in). It was always my assumption that, if you’re streaming, you wouldn’t be messing around with accounts. But I suppose it’s possible. Will take it into consideration.

Do you remember if you added/removed contacts the day of the crash?

Acknowledged. Won’t fix, added to known issues.

The crash is related to Contacts logging in/out. Space Race has nothing to do with it.

I think you’ve misunderstood how enemies are grouped on that wave. Each spawned is independent of the others, and all enemies that come out of a particular spawner are part of one big Pecking Order (the fact that they come out in sets of 4 is immaterial – they’re still the same group)

So, in your screenshot it appears that you’ve lost the Pecking Orders for the first 5 spawners (so :small_red_triangle: icons don’t appear on them) , but still have the Pecking Order for the last spawner.

Sound frequency lowers as more balloons are popped, so that’s not possible.

Acknowledged, won’t fix. Two instances (max) of the beam sound can be played simultaneously . Subsequent instances will override and cut-off previous ones. In high difficulties that two attacks come very close together, causing the sounds to clash.

Ugh. Acknowledged. It’s too dangerous to fix this without causing more problems, so I’ve added it to the known bugs list.

That’s unrelated.

No, because there’s already an issue with exploiting medals by flying very short missions, and increasing their point value would worsen the problem.

Because you can only dare once, but you can friendly multiple times per day.

Fixed in v.70 :medal_sports: Bug

They are two different types of boss. “Show’em Who’s Boss” always have the same colors. Double Team has a random color.

That’s a nice idea, however the side buttons are already assignable as “Primary fire”/“Satellite fire”/“Special weapon” and that would cause a lot of confusion. Actually, I don’t think that will interfere. Added to v.70 :medal_sports: Idea

If he’s in your ignore list, then you shouldn’t care about that, much less post it here. :angry:

Changed in v.70 :medal_sports: Idea


Changed in v.70 :medal_sports: Idea


What about this one:

can you read this too?

What if it’s green? Or yellow?

The chance is already 100%. If you get too close, it fires. I could increase the trigger radius, but triggering the beam further away probably means that the beam will not reach you to hurt you. I know there are some very small blind spots, but it’s the best I can do for now.

Not really.

No. Not least because of what @Enhawk said.


Did some experimenting and it seems to be happening in the episodes too, using automatic weapons and moving quickly will result in the beam tearing up.

Ok, so “V-sync” is clearly not v-syncing, then. Some graphics drivers have options that will override the game’s V-sync setting (thereby either always forcing V-sync on or off). Looking into that is your best bet.


Thanks, I looked into it and now there are no more tears. My eyes thank you, as well :smirk:

why when i zoom in fast the exhaust move around?

can the information now say about coordinates after the location too?

Because exhaust particles are probably on different layer, like how Egg Cannon Cannon Cannon Cannonade laser sparks don’t move when zooming in.


Why isn’t it listed at: Known bugs & new features

How about you add the month count at “Most recent Flight” so we know if 6 months have passed or not for leaderboards:

It could be like “3 months, 13 days and 4 hours”.

So that means if I use a utensil poker and hit the balloon chicken, the forks gave 406/812 damage to the enemy instead of 325/650. Because if the enemy is weak to the weapon, the weapon damage increases. Very impressive idea!!

iA, why when I click the spacecraft and I did not visit that star system/constellation, it gives me a prompt to travel there instead of the usual compare button?

Because you didn’t explore that star system.

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