Early Access version 56

Well, Yolk Star, Egg Cannon/Cannonade, Plantery Egg City and It’s the Mother-hen Ship has, thisistrueuser suggested for Party Time, but IA didn’t add it.

Shoot the Core also.

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Mirrored Variations: the update

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Imagine all waves are flipped

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So, 2015-2016 – quite recent. Well, if other external programs can’t screenshot either, then I don’t know what to do.

A lot of these have already been suggested (even by you). Some have already been done (eg Magic Flute). Others are very minor and/or require a lot of effort.

I think we’re done for mirrored variations for now.

No, they don’t, because the randomizer spawns them differently.

Making CIU waves look more like CI5 waves is pointless. Some waves were modified to make the randomizer work.

No, because Feather Fields is an advanced mission anyway.


this bug is very dreadful I have also encountered it with assassin chicks,
I was resting at the bottom when suddenly my ship faced the bottom and…
SOLAR2 was knocked out

Well if assassin chicks so don’t fire

RIP all spacecrafts

could the waves that have been mirrored have a danger zone to show from where the enemies would enter like this:

Just to ask: Are the red and black asteroids two different wave variants like the UCOs, or just the same wave?

If they are two different wave variants, I’d like to suggest renaming the red asteroid waves to “Meteors”, and the Black meteor storms to “Asteroid Rain”. (Though this means red asteroid belts will need a rename. Perhaps Meteor Cluster will work?)

As for an actual suggestion, I’d like to suggest that the “Asteroids” wave can be from ANY angle, just like CI3’s meteor storm. (Hey, at least you’re just dealing with ONE direction. Not two directions like the current Meteor Storms we have.) Can occur on any difficulty level.

  • Well, I guess it’s just one direction… (yes)
  • I still have PTSD from backwards meteor storms (no)

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my previous account SOLAR in the game is missing.
Before check :

After check :

Where did it go?

Your old progress is gone, means your old spaceship is gone too

well both can have the same name and the same wave and the same meaning tho

then, what’s this?
like I checked exactly 5 mins later.

Uh you mean it suddenly disappeared infront of your eyes?

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If the original wave had a danger zone, then this has already been mirrored. If it didn’t, then it means it didn’t need one, so the mirrored variation doesn’t either.

It’s the same wave. Mission environment determines whether they’re rock or lava.

To conserve bandwidth, you don’t see ALL players, even if they’re within your range. Idle players aren’t given as much priority as active ones.

When was the last time you logged in using your old SOLAR account?


Question :-

What about making the yolk-star appear in the west and the east of the screen? like the (boldy goes whatever it pleases) boss

Edit : if there isn’t enough space you can zoom out to make it enough

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18th or 19th, August

@InterAction_studios can you replace the Data of

IA the position of travel and chicks are not the same;
the ship rotates faster


well, do not fire on them so they won’t be berserkers

how I love when game cuts off half the screen

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