Is this bug?

In the Over The Rainbow wave, if I kill all the chickens too fast, the Alien Container won’t appear or disappear too early, so I can’t destroy it and get the satelites. I need to leave some chickens survive to wait for the Alien Container’s appearance and that’s annoying.

In The Fortress wave, the laser barriers don’t appear at first, they were fade before fully exposed. If I accidentally got through it early, I can’t comeback later and I find difficulties clearing the wave after that. Can someone please provide me a screenshot for illustrating purpose?

You’re welcome.

That’s why there is a safe zone.

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Thank you, I was trying to mention The Fortress wave. I think the purple (or pink?) laser barriers should appear immediately when the wave starts to prevent my accident (though safe zone is shown, is it?)

Just like i said, Just play the game more or think when you are making your ideas.

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