Early Access version 101.2

Debug information is not affecting anything in the game, this would be an exception of this.


Speaking about, if the game knows that the fps option is enabled, then it push the tip away.
The game can tell if it’s enabled or not.

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Edit: I already know it


Wait, you seriously just nerf the Muller hardpoint and satellite? Why tho? I suggect you have to keep the hardpoint slot from this present and the Satellite slot of M408 should be 6 (M400 and M404 still keep the same value of this present: 2-4).

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So successor ships will have smaller collision circles?

:new: Added “Overdrive” booster to Galactic Store.

Is this Item also have Uncommon, Rare, Legendary? And also when use this it overheat faster of slower?


@InterAction_studios, can you group all of the missions from one squadron in one letter to make it easier to see which mission is from which squadron so that the mailbox of those players with a lot of squadron can’t be overloaded with letters?

I don’t think boosters will have rarities or it may break the game

Same as current version, It’s Overdrive lmao

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So are more boosters coming, or only Overdrive is coming in V102?

Already asked and the answer is “maybe but probably no”


One of these two, please - preferably the first.

You should be able to buy food from a Space Burger to fuel this booster in some way as well - have the exchange rate make it cost more to buy than to sell, though, for obvious reasons. It just feels really awkward not to be able to buy burgers from… well, a burger store.

Worth remembering that for (most, probably not Ironman) competetive play, the points earned by not using satellites are probably going to outweigh the benefits anyway, so they could afford to be a bit strong - especially given how much they cost to buy.

Waiting for someone who, y’know, actually wins competitive matches other than dailies to come along and prove me wrong very fast, though - lol.

This is Chicken Invaders. Is there really need for an AFK detector in a game where when you sit still, you die?

please explain


zombie spawn food

That is, these foods can appear, but zombie players cannot collect them

why would food spawning even matter if zombie players can’t collect them


I don’t know, although for zombie players they can’t spawn (another idea occurred to me)

Actually, it would be better if @InterAction_studios made zombies can’t collect anything at all but firepower and gifts.


Wouldn’t zombie players also collect charity?

yes, their charity

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Unless you get the easiest waves possible, satellites help so much. You underestimate how good bird-flu is in classic invasions. And this is especially true if you have waves with bubbles, or waves where enemies are blocked off by barriers or something like that. Or if you just get tons of mini-bosses in a wave. The medal for using no satellites isn’t worth going for at all imo unless you get really lucky with waves(or are playing mission types like comet chase where satellites are useless). Well I said bird-flu, what about other satellites? BBQ is amazing support, its best use is boss rush with alien mothership where you can eliminate its falling debris in order to get multikill easily, but I can imagine using it elsewhere is possible, tho idk where it would be good. Sadly ICBM has no place in meta, or at least I don’t know where you could use it. Microgun could be useful for supernova, but I’m unsure about that.
On the other hand, I feel like some of the medals that encourage not using equipment shouldn’t even exist anyways(or at least shouldn’t give points).

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