Early Access version 112

I have 2 things I saying :


@AnasWael shut your reports any problem or you will silence your account like Ahmet-chickeninvader


We are not stupid enough about objection likes Change any ideas or reversible

Also find yourself and don’t ask IA never ever

Excuse me @InterAction_studios Sorry for the inconvenience

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Also he’s not angry of IA about Ana’s Wael

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Off topic but didnt you want to change your name?

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Of course

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Heres how: Message IA by clicking on his profile picture then click Message. Then give your message a title and then tell him the name you want, Example if you want the name JenRobot then tell him you want that name, Also your name cant have spaces.


Yes, but underscores (_) can be used instead as replacements for spaces.


IA, I am the one who suggested it, not @marksam123.

You’ve suggested too late, after I did. Sorry.

Don’t tell him that. He used caps to put major importance into that part of his message. It’s not like he was yelling on chat.


Did you really have to ping IA for that?


What do you mean?

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What I mean is, I don’t know what was the point of you pinging IA in that reply.

Because I don’t need report any problem

That’s all


First This is unnecessary to ping IA for case like this.
second if you have an off topic thing to say to someone. PM exists.


IA,will EA finish in next version ?

of course no. he meant removing that EA watermark from the main menu screen.


Both of your name on forum look almost the same lol.


but not much

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help me. i cant connect

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Try reconnect again the game works good for me.

Check your internet and programs running

Hello, this is my idea about Space Race.
First, you can prepare anything except special weapons, perishables, coolant canister, speedy recovery (bonus special weapons, perishables, coolant canister if compare to current mission)
Second, wave insight will be banned.
Third, you can’t fly mission with any BXs, VFs or H&Cs, Use Muller ships (M400, M404, M408) to fly mission.
Fourth, you can play mission with only 3 times. After 3 times, you can’t play Space Race anymore until new Space Race come.
And that’s all, thanks for reading.
I hope it will be more fair to everyone.

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