Early Access version 111


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Medal shared.

Then it would function as a shield, which is not what I intended.

No, that’s not supported.

The spawn rate is sometimes carefully calibrated to make the timing of the wave work, so I’d rather not touch it.


No. The pointer of the Stacker wave is to weave between enemies.

They are. You’re just taking too long to kill them.

Changed in v.112 :medal_sports: Idea

Because it would overlap the safe zone. Also, these anomally zones are not player ‘choices’… They are embedded in the wave’s layout, and you only step on them when the time is right.

Hmm… yes. Changed in v.112 :medal_sports: Idea

They could, but this way the screen is more evenly filled.

Hmm, point taken, but the attack was removed for a reason (balloons have a lot of health, and players need to fly directly below them to cause a lot of damage before they drop out of the screen). So I think it’s ok that the don’t pose an active threat.



I don’t understand.

These are good ideas, but I’ve made a note for later because it’s not simple to implement.

There is an overarching design principle in the UI that buttons generally get disabled rather than hidden (because the user can tell why they were disabled)

Fixed in v.112 :medal_sports: Bug

Changed in v.112 :medal_sports: Idea


Isn’t that simply controlled? How’d you get the chicken body be in foreground and wings in background then

Enemies are drawn in a specific order, and that order can’t be modified during the course of a wave.


What if chickens only execute that code if that wave specific is active, depending on their order

Don’t I deserve a share of the medal for suggesting the enemy delay (number of bounces per enemy), @InterAction_studios ? :arrow_down:

Maybe I forgot take screen shots. Whatever

I dont think the problem is the lack of screenshots…

She is Egyptian, She cant understand English that well.

Its probably internet issues.

Same thing with Tuning Fork.

Poor excuse, I’m Egyptian lol.


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IA , there is someone suggested this other than ChickenInvader45 .

I don’t think that’s his name.
It’s just the name of a character in Jenny Robot cartoon.

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