Will IA delete any account became inactive no matter what he did in the game?-(BESIDE USING CHL)

i have a small question, IA is deleting accounts which become inactive for years or many months, my question is will IA delete any account became inactive even if it has very high score, this will make nonsense since i have tier 99, if i become inactive will IA delete it, i really need Interaction studios to answer me this question because i really tired to make high score and i maybe become inactive for months,if IA will delete any account become inactive no matter how progress he did i will be very disappointed,(what i talk about is out of using CHL my talk is about will IA delete any account become inactive even if he made high progress in the game)


There’s a reason why this is in every downtime (and at the top, no less).


so you tell me that if i have a regular e-mail not fake my account won’t be deleted if i became inactive

No offense, but can you please structure your text better than this? Otherwise, it’s kind of hard to read.

you can also know my question from the title

Yes, but still.

Ok i don’t want to fill the reply place so if you have a helpful reply post it

Buy CHL.

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If you’ve ever made an in-app purchase on your account, it will NEVER get deleted even if you become inactive AND don’t have an email set.

If you haven’t made any in-app purchase in the game such as buying a key pack, you can set an email to your account - and since you said you were tier 99, -
that means you have MORE than one hour of playtime.

So in short, as long as you have more than an hour of playtime AND an email set to your account, you can be inactive for as long as you want.

You do NOT need to buy a CHL (Chicken Hunter License) in order for your account to not get deleted.


oh i forget that i have more than 150 hours of the whole playtime of the game, thanks too much for helping

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Searching major bug in a games would delete entire accounts…

who said?

I was afraid that my account will be deleted. thanks for the info.

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try login in a minutes a day with smartphone…