Early Access version 107

hmm…double dr. beaker In DT would be fun…

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Maybe we will see it in-game soon

I can’t get points all times of pecking order

Name wave: the lathe

@InterAction_studios can you handle it of pecking order?

in single-player so far, it only disappears instantly on the bottom of the map after smaller zoom, letting us not get maximum amount of keys in boss rush
atleast that what happens mostly in single-player with zooms and keys

Kind of already suggested:

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i has submitted this idea, i can get the a idea medal @InterAction_studios ?
btw, my callsign is Windy

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This could be a ping/lag issue. After bouncing, the position is synced (and the key is travelling much more slowly, making it easier to collect)

Changed in v.108 :medal_sports: Idea

That would be very confusing to the player (well, unless you actually had a visible countdown displayed somewhere). But I don’t want to go that route – it would make clouds inconsequential for fast-moving spacecraft.


I don’t think this boss combines well with others. You’ll have a hard enough time staying alive as it is.

Known but unavoidable.

Medal awarded


Then perhaps a 2 second time window would be better.

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Isn’t this the point of double team?
Just like the 2 mysterious ships.

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Is it possible to change shady’s locator dot to purple to avoid confusion with droid’s locator dot ??


Probably a green outer glow (or color overlay) indicator which gets more opaque and thicker the longer you stay in. This could be a problem with spaceships with green paintjob though.

They still have to move outside the toxic cloud nonetheless.

About the boss, can we get a spoiler on how it would look like? :thinking:


:information_source: Estimated v.108 release date: 25 May 2022, 08:00-10:00 GMT (this was incorrectly listed as 24 May before)


well isn’t double team considered as an unfairness team
due to double 6 laser mysterious ship and many combination of crab with mysterious ship (King of Crabs With 6 Laser Mysterious Ship)


They were already added, but with a different appearance.


That’s not a bug since it doesn’t mess up with any game mechanic. If it was at any fault, it was because of the logo designer not iA. So this is not a bug at all, please.


Idea: Show your satellites even when you’re not even in-game


Bug maybe: When I went into a Multiplayer game, I saw that they were on a boss wave, When I joined the boss was defeated, It didn’t play the victory Music. Instead it played the Boss Music until the next wave.

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This is actually the same “bug” when you win a boss wave, instantly log out and log in. You won’t hear the victory music because the game will technically “skip” the wait time between the boss and the next wave. So yeah, the reason behind it is simply, but to “fix” this, iA must alter how will the game react when you log out and log in, very complex and potentially create more bugs.

Now, back for the multiplayer, join when the boss was defeat is kinda like when you win a boss, log out and log back in. The same logic.

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@InterAction_studios will the new songs be in the shop?

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There’s a difference between “unfair” and “impossible”. In any case, encounter the boss first, and if you still think it can be in Double Team missions, let me know.

Known, but cosmetic so “won’t fix”.

Not in v.108. They will eventually be added, however, if people like them enough.