Early Access version 103

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can you not


Invisible planet.

move your camera

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I know, I was just waiting for the perfect moment to take a screenshot of this bug, and post it on the forums. It looks weird, not gonna lie.

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I wonder why the bug is still persisting.

because its not worth fixing

Okay, lol.

that’s how developing works
when you try to fix a small bug it causes even bigger bugs if you don’t know what exactly is wrong
its just better to leave it like that

Makes sense.
That explains why the bug below happened in Version 103, even though it was not present in the previous versions.

  1. Dude, stop
  2. Continue that to get flagged and get banned
  3. When IA adds a new spacecraft it doesnt mean he will add another one too early
    Whatever the use of that will be, it needs programs and animations for that. Its not that easy to add a new spacecraft dude
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Everyone did several hours ago.


Yeah like if you just smash some images there and Boom you got the new thing

So for some reason, I’ve tried to test the game on another laptop running Windows 8.1, but when the game just runs on a few seconds then it results in this kind of BSOD error
(Which means, only Windows 7, 10 and 11 users running this game fine, but 8.1 will trigger this BSOD every time it loads)

The game does not support at windows 8

Is it possible to make the thunder gurgle when it hurts, keep its head right or left and replace the normal frames with frames pain and when it does not hurt it looks right and left again
I mean this



perhaps it’s an issue with your pc, as both steam and standalone run completely fine here, without bug checks or any errors

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Thats windows 7 man

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i was waiting for you to say that.
this is 8.1, not 7. as if the watermark at the bottom right corner and centered title aren’t clear enough.