Early Access version 53

Fixed (probably) in v.54 :medal_sports: Bug

I know this has been reported before. Link to your original post to receive medal.

If you notice this happening again in v.54+, let me know ASAP.


Did you fixed the one with Egg City too?

It’s a general problem, so I think it’s fixed everywhere.


I think this was the first one, where @Francis reported it:


“Twice Infinity” wave have the health bar each chickens, but “Brothers Reunited” doesn’t. Please explain, thanks.

This has been already fixed.


iA, what if Chickenaut Quartet’s wave name had a little sentence below the wave name? E.g.
Chickenaut Quartet
(Where are the chickenauts?)
Or something like that

Then screenshot as you said.

What is “Darkness music” ? New music or From other part CI ?


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The coward chickens has returned to Yolk-star? What version did they come back from? (srry, no photos)

This version, because they now only run away when they’re damaged

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Regarding Supernova Missions, on waves that have an Alien Container, instead of “Clear a Path” maybe other text identifying the container itself. Like “Alien Container Detected”

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Why for “Be Quick or Be Dead!” in 120th Anniversary Mission added bonus “Clean Sweep” ?

Fixed in v.54 :medal_sports: Bug


This is for the wave counter in the bottom right:
How about making it display the Stage and Wave number instead?

For example:
Wave 29/40 would be 3-9
Wave 20/28 would be 3-6
I think this would look neater.

(If you want, you can display them like this: S3-W9, S3-W6. Basically Stage 3 Wave 9, Stage 3 Wave 6)

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So how would you know what the total length of the mission is?


It was added in v40.2 because enemies escape in this wave.

But how can you know the exact number of waves per stage? It’s not always 10.


Ah. Shortsight on my part.