Reward not sufficient? NOT-Bug

So I finally beat my first comet mission… I really don’t play this game often. I had a max difficulty and length one, yet… I only got a hard mission trophy? I understand that these missions aren’t that hard or long anyways, but we could lift the 15 wave limit and make it possible to get super elite trophies? Perhaps once the comet boss makes it in? I’d really like a very hard comet mission. Even this one is probably easier than in CI3.


Ahem. Known bugs & new features

Trophy is now controlled by mission’s ending (instead of starting) difficulty.

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Oh, I understand. Although the update is yet to come right? How is it already in effect? If it is though that’s cool.
However my point on making them harder and having them be able to obtain super elite trophies still stands… although that’s more an idea.
Sorry for that :confused:
Edited the topic.

It’s fine. The 15 waves limit idea might be cool. What if on wave 8,you had to fight mysteryous ship,and on wave 15,the new boss would appear?

You mean lifting the 15 wave limit or having it? Because the limit is currently in place (See pic, 15 keys, 15 waves)

This is what happens when I’m tired,lol. I just say absolute nonsense. Yes,we could lift the 15 wave limit,and halfway through the mission,the mysteryous ship could appear,while the new comet boss would appear at the end. Sorry for confusing you

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Just for clarification: I apperantly had tourist turned on. I just got the Elite trophy on SSH. I’m a dum dum.

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